3. The Bride of God

I decided to take Gabriel to heart. Apparently my bad attitude was only hurting me. I was the one, not God, who had to admit defeat. There was no turning back. It was clear that the entire spirit cosmos was becoming affected by God's new invention, Time.

Just as I was contemplating these grave matters, a wise little spirit drifted towards me. "Hello! Cheer up." said Sophie. "How silly you are to think in terms of defeat or winning. We are not in a contest with beginnings and endings. You of all spirits should know better than that. Even your new problem, this time factor, is not as linear as it appears."

A flash of lightening, suddenly illuminated the darkness of my attitude, and in it I saw an opening that I could float through. "Thank you, Sophie!" said I. "I think that has been my problem with time! I never liked what I thought was its shape, so long and narrow, like those serpents God made to terrify the woman, but with a beginning and no end in sight."

"Remember last week," Sophie replied, "when the Queen was born and Gabriel told you that she would mark the beginning of the end of time? Well, the Queen's birth also marked the conception of the Bride who plays with time in a magnificent way to show you and the cosmos how fluid time can be."

I never felt stupid before all this happened to me, but now I find myself continually at a loss to comprehend even the simplest concepts. "Bride of who?" I asked shamefully.

Patiently and sympathetically Sophie replied, "The Bride of God!"

Flying back into a tirade, I screamed, "God cannot have a Bride!!!!!"

After patiently waiting for my frequency to slow down Sophie said, "When that infant queen grows to become a young woman, Gabriel will ask her if she is willing to be the Mother of God's Son who will actually be God incarnate." Sophie went on, "She agrees, of course and the moment she agrees, Her conception of the Son of God, also marks the birth of His Bride."

"The Bride of God's Son is not one person, nor even all women, but the Bride is also known as The Church, which is a vast unity of humanity joined by and for God in heart and mind and spirit. You see, it it the spirits within those human bodies that you disdain so much that voluntarily come together, imitate God's Son and form His Bride! Isn't that absolutely wonderful!" With that I could see Sophie's frequency rev up in yellows and pinks. She went on.

"You see, God wanted a Bride who is like Him and loves as He does, just for this reason. We angels could never become His Bride. God made humankind--- to make Himself a Bride! The Bride is One like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are One, and the Bride is perfect. To make you happiest of all, the Bride's perception of time is not linear! She takes certain major events and creates one holy year that is perpetually current. For Her, what had happened once is always happening. She lives through time and place and outside of it too...because She is spiritual, even though She is made up of humans, and if you were smart, you would try living in and out of time too!"

With this tidbit, my mind was spinning faster than an asteroid. "Sophie, are you making this up? You really have a very vivid imagination, and I love you for it, but you must learn the difference between reality and fantasy."

I love to hear Sophie laugh. To me Sophie's laugh has the sound of bubbles bursting out of the clear blue sea, bunches and bunches of happy bubbles. When her amusement subsided she said, "Our God is the Author and Creator of reality. If something is real and true, it is because God made it. if something is false or imaginary or even fantasy, it is because Reality has been skewed. God's story, His-story, about the Queen and the Bride and the re-creation is absolutely true!"

Sophie was beautiful. When she spoke the entire universe smiled. "Come, let's fly down to The Planet and let me show you what the Bride is doing now!"

And off we went through the beautiful darkness of the sky on our journey to earth, two angelic spirits careening past the galaxies.

The Church is known as the Bride of Christ, God incarnate. In the Bible, Revelation to John, it tells of the marriage of Christ to His Bride.

“7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.”

Excerpt From: James, King. “The Holy Bible - King James Version.” iBooks.

This material may be protected by copyright.

Even though we see a Church that is factious, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant, sometimes warring on itself throughout history, God looks at the Spirit within and sees One Holy Catholic (I.e. Universal) and Apostolic Church made up of the true and righteous who successfully emulate Jesus Christ, and who form the One Bride that is the wife and will be dressed in radiant white at the glorious marriage at the end of Time....as we now know it.

7. The Bride's Favorite Food

It felt so good to be in heaven again! When Saint John's party ended everyone dispersed to their own places of work. The seraphim and thrones who attended the festivities returned to God's throne room and angels went back to earth to guard their people. Not everyone was abandoned and those who were, were still being watched from afar or by substitute guardian angels.

After the party, many of the archangels and other angels traded church posts with each other. Actually, the trading was a major sub-event event that would have stunned Wall Street to behold. The little gods who lived in heaven went back to waiting for the second coming of Christ to earth, and to preparing themselves for the final Judgment.

I was looking around for a place to hide when The Lord suddenly blocked my way. "Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed! "You frightened me!"

"Where were you going? Have the immature gods on earth dulled your senses so much that you thought you could hide from Me?"

"I think I have learned enough about your Bride down there. Don't You, Master?" I replied trying to sound as innocent as I could, and added, "Perhaps it is time to learn more about how She functions up here with all the gods who have died and shed their bodies. There is so much to learn!"

Jesus said, "You have been on earth less than a month and you say that you know everything about my Bride? How is this possible? Tell me, what is Her favorite food?"

I felt cornered. Her favorite food? What an absurd question, I thought. I remembered the birthday cake at John's party, but that was up here. Why did Her food matter?

"What goes into the mouth cannot defile a person," He said, "but it can sanctify one."

Jesus deftly zeroed-in on another sore point. Eating, I had to admit, was another one of those aspects of life that repulsed and confused me. It was hard for me to get used to little gods shoving plants and animals into their mouths several times each and every day; and sometimes in frighteningly large quantities. We angels never do anything like that and we have energy enough to fly through and around the cosmos.

"Okay, Lord. I certainly have no clue what the Bride, who is Spirit I remind you, likes to eat." I replied in defeat but with my characteristic dollop of cynicism.

Jesus correcting me said, "Like Myself, My beloved Bride, is both human and divine. I will give you a hint. She is in Me, and I am in Her."

I thought and I thought and still could not figure out what it could be, having not spent that much time either in the kitchens of the little gods, nor in the churches when they were populated. Besides, I always hated riddles.

"Does she like to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?" I replied half- jokingly; God seems to have relaxed His commands so much in this new age of tolerance that I wouldn't put it passed Him to allow everything, even to the point of approving His first great command which was about abstinence.

"Of course not! But you are very close! Keep thinking, my friend."

It so touched me when The Lord called me, cynical angel that I am, His friend, that for a moment I could think of nothing else.

"Wake up and get back to the point. Do you remember where you and I stood in the beginning when God made heaven and earth? Where He placed the very first pair of little god-like humans?"

I did remember this of course, though I haven't thought back on those days in many moons. Was the Bride in existence then, I wondered, and what did She eat? There were many varieties of edible fruit; could it be one of those?

Starting to grow impatient with me, The Lord hinted again, "Come now, My Bride is the Queen of Life, as I am its King of kings."

Life giving food... Frustrated, Jesus gradually brought to my mind The Tree of Life and so I said it aloud! "Do you mean that the Bride is able to penetrate through the swirling flames and cherubic guards to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever?"

With a huge grin on His face, and an even bigger sigh of relief, Jesus replied. "I am the way and the truth and the life, whoever comes to Me shall never die, but live."

"My friend," He said with great compassion in His voice. "As I said in the beginning of this conversation, you must return to earth. In several months, on the holiest Thursday, my Beloved will take you to the Last Supper, which is a misnomer, for it was the first great feast of my Beloved Bride. That meal has become Her favorite food, and the food that nourishes all the godly spirits that comprise her throughout the millennia since the beginning of time, and around my blessed planet earth with My humanity and My divinity. Now I command you to return to earth until you have become fully acquainted with My Bride. I only ask this one year of your time. Efcharisto."

I admitted defeat once again, as I always will with Him. Why do I even try to oppose or challenge Him? When will I learn? Also, why did He suddenly switch to Greek, and why did He thank me? As if I had a choice.

These were the thoughts that filled my mind and heart as we hugged and I turned to fly back to the Creation, for even though angels have no bodies, we nevertheless have minds and hearts. As I was flying back to earth, I also kept wondering what the Bride's favorite food could be. 

10. Gestation

As the little gods were leaving the cathedral I wanted to follow them. I wanted to see where they were going and to see what they would do with the body and blood of Jesus Christ running through their little blue veins and pumping through their hearts. I wanted to see if they could make miracles too.

But I had to stay inside so I flew around the place like a pinball with wings. After a while, I stopped to perch on the railing in the dome to think. The dome was my favorite place because I could look out its windows at the sky. While sitting there all alone I thought about how the Bride of Christ could be both very material, like this building and like the embodied person, and also very spiritual, like us angels and like God, all thinking and emotions, all wisdom and love.

Suddenly, the strangest sensation came over me. I, uh me! I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but I wanted a material body! I wondered what I would look like. I wanted to wear those beautiful and colorful brocade gowns that the priests wore. I wondered if God felt this way before He entered the body that was Jesus.

Flitting out of my absurd fantasyland I looked down from those heights to notice that many people were entering the church again. In floated different spirits than before. Both embodied gods and spirits were greeting their own kind as if they hadn't seen each other in years. They were all so happy. The spirits in particular were glowing. A baby was crying. I flew down to get a closer look.

There in front of the glistening golden gates that separated the inner sanctum from the nave stood a large golden font filled with water. I know it wasn't there before because that was the spot where I had seen the priest feed the little gods with the Body and Blood of Christ from his golden chalice.

"Hi there! Remember me?" I was startled out of my mind by the presence of a familiar angel.

"Oh, hello Poppy!" I said, suddenly recognizing her. "What are you doing here?"

"I heard that you were here and came to check on you. Are you feeling any better about time and matter, and the Bride?"

"I admit," I said sheepishly, "that this place is beautiful and that some very powerful things happen here. Look over there, what is going on now?" I pointed to the font, and then up to the priest and a man holding a baby.

"Oh! This is wonderful!" Poppy shook with delight and became brighter.

"That baby is being baptized to become a little god! The Bride will place the baby into that golden font filled with warm water which they pretend is the Bride's womb. Inside Her womb, she will purify the child from the stains that Lucifer's rebellious egotism caused to disfigure and bring death to humankind. Then the baby will be born all over again.

The baby has two mothers now, its little god-mom and the Bride. Just as the baby was conceived and grew in the mom physically, the baby is conceived and will continue to grow in the Bride, (the Church you know) spiritually. Isn't that magnificent!?"

Poppy got so enthusiastic when she spoke, a little too much so, for me.

"Poppy," I said, in an effort to tone her down. "Have you ever wished you had a body?"

I succeeded. Poppy grew quiet and pensive, a side of her I had never seen.

Soon, the cathedral was dark and empty again. A few spirits of men and angels were hovering in the altar, but all was very quiet and peaceful.

After a long dreamy silence she responded, "I have been assigned to earth for a long time." she said with a whisper. "I have witnessed embodied souls perform many magnificent acts with them and with the matter all around them. I have seen them dance with joy and make magnificent melodious sounds with their voices and with instruments. Those are the moments I want to be able to clap! Don't tell God, but how I wish I could hug or be hugged. When I see the little gods hug I want to cry. It must feel so good."

After a long paused, she continued. "But we can fly and we can see God. Their bodies give the spirits that live inside of them a sense of isolation and can be the root of conflict, pain and death. I could not bear that. There is nothing that I would give up or nothing that I want enough to be worth that; especially not being able to see God.

Now let us be quiet too and enjoy the darkness while we can." And with that Poppy enveloped me with her aura. I felt a soothing warm glow all over and wondered if Poppy was trying to make a spirit-hug and if that was what a hug felt like.

36. Wilderness III- Saint John Climacus

Gabriel and I promptly flew away from maiden Mary leaving her with big thoughts and the most experienced guardian angel God could find. It wasn't the distance from Nazareth to the Mount of Temptation near Jericho that bothered me as much as the thirty years time travel. This flight was much more turbulent than when we came from there. Besides the bumpy ride, I did not particularly want to go back. In fact, if Gabriel had not been following me so closely I might have taken a detour which is probably why he accompanied me the whole way back.

We arrived to find Jesus just waking up. "Greetings Gabriel. What are you doing here?" He asked groggily, "How could I have slept so long and so soundly?"

Gabriel looked around for Michael who was nowhere to be seen before saying, "I took your angel friend on a quick trip, but as You see I have returned him safe and sound my Lord. I must depart now. God, the Father asked me to report immediately to Him about the Annunciation. Tootle-loo!"

"Tootle-loo!!" I shouted disregarding Jesus who looked amused by my fear. "How could you leave us here? This place is crawling with demons and I am NOT a fighter angel."

"I am not a fighter either," Gabriel snapped back, "I'm sure that Michael will arrive soon. You will be fine. The Holy Spirit has you on His radar. I'll see you at Saint Sophia's in a few weeks... and a couple of millennia, okay?" added Gabriel more calmly before taking off.

No sooner had the Archangel left when the devil appeared. Without consulting me, Jesus followed him up the mountain. 'Hey Jesus!" I shouted as loud as I could. What are you doing?!' I started to panic, 'Don't you realize how shrewd and diabolical he is? Come back here before it's too late!!"

I was completely at a loss because I had never confronted the devil before, and frankly I was afraid to approach him, even if it meant saving Jesus, so I decided to follow from a distance and watch.

To my horror, Jesus and the devil reached the top of the mountain together. They stood side-by-side gazing at the broad vista. From that position they could see towns and villages that dotted the plains below. It all looked so splendid. I overheard the devil say to Jesus "All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me." I saw Jesus look around in silence imagining what He would do with so many kingdoms.

I gasped!

Then, calmly after looking over and shooting me a reassuring smile, Jesus said to him, "Away with you, Satan! For it is written, 'Worship The Lord your God, and serve only Him."

With that the devil left, and a gaggle of white angels appeared to shower Christ with mists of cool spring water. I watched. It seemed so easy, no artillery, no grenades. Jesus simply stated the obvious; something that the devil should finally admit to knowing.

"Can we go back down now?" I asked Jesus after the angels flew away.

"Actually, I want to take you to Mount Sinai in the seventh century to pay a visit to my brother John Climacus. He has made a science of warring with the devil by climbing a different kind of mountain and I want you to meet him." Since I have my ways of travel and you have yours we will have to meet there. Go immediately to the vestry of the Monastery of Saint Katherine, NO DETOURS! "

"Wait a minute!" I shouted in vain since Christ had already disappeared. Nevertheless I continued my thought. 'If you could travel so easily, why did we have to struggle so much to climb this mountain?' Then I heard a little voice as of the Holy Spirit reply in my heart, 'You are about to leave the time zone when Christ was human and had to climb the mountain. Because the Bride's Great Lent spans centuries and transcends time, Her mystical 40 days does the same. Now hurry, there is still plenty to experience and Lent is quickly coming to a close.'

Heeding His advice I took off immediately and surprisingly had no trouble at all finding my destination.

In a small and dusty room I found an old man with a long gray beard sitting at his desk writing. Jesus was in the room too standing in the corner, but he didn't look as He did on the mountain. I wondered when He had found the time to bathe and to change His clothes, and where.

Even more strangely, John was not paying any attention to Jesus but kept writing. I looked at Jesus and asked, "Why is John ignoring you?"

"He is not ignoring me," replied Jesus, "I am helping him write His book, 'The Ladder of Divine Ascent.' But the truth is that John cannot see me. He just knows that I am here. He knows I need neither water nor food, and so there is no reason to play the host. Enough of that, I want you to sit in John's presence to learn more about My Bride's disdain of time and matter, and about Her extraordinary fighting skills. Look over his shoulder and read."

Several pieces of parchment were scattered around John's desk. My eyes fell on one that read,'We have countless hidden enemies-evil enemies, harsh, deceitful, wicked enemies with fire in their hands, wishing to set the Lord's temple alight with the flame that is in it. These enemies are powerful, unsleeping, incorporeal and unseen."

I knew he got that one right, but I wondered if John could see them too or if Christ had told him about them.

Jesus spoke up. "He can see them. Yes, they are vicious and everywhere. What John and I have been discussing is how vital My Bride is to the war with the demons and even satan himself."

"With all due respect my Lord, a female against the army of demons?" I replied, "Certainly you overestimate Your Bride."

Jesus retorted, "Angel, after all these months, you still know so little about My Bride. John here is one of many officers in Her holy army who trains Our children for battle. His 'Ladder of Divine Ascent' describes very different steps than the ones we climbed to reach the summit of the Mount of Temptation. The Generals in My Bride's military forces have constructed a tightrope for our children to walk upon spiritually so that each step is sure and safe, to dodge the bullets of the evil one in all its forms, and so they may land safely in My Kingdom. More than that, these tiny stepping stones actually serve to quash the enemy."

I looked down at a very old man with a long white beard, and was reminded of a story a fellow angel had told me ages ago.

My angel-friend was speaking to Zechariah who wanted to know what was meant by the two olives trees pouring oil into a golden lamp. My friend told him that it was the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts.' I thought then and now that for the olive oil to create light was certainly more amazing than a hundred suns. I thought too how the word of The Lord was a form of light. Certainly the spirit is mightier than the sword.

Jesus crashed into my daydream to say, "During these days of journey through the Lenten wilderness, Our children are buffeted by the demons more than usual. It is during these days that John's book is read daily to illuminate the safe path through this valley of the shadow of death."

After giving me a few moments to absorb all that He was trying to teach me about the Bride and Lent, Jesus said to me, "Angel, count yourself blessed that up until now, you have had no need for the tools of battle. I warn you, it will get worse here in this wilderness before it gets better. I must depart now. Please stay here and learn from John about the hairline thin path back to your home and mine." With that, and no goodbye, Jesus vanished.

'Hairline path through the valley of the shadow of death to go home again?' As that thought was conjuring up all sorts of bad feelings, a strong and powerful voice pierced my heart. It was the voice of Climacus still at his desk. He said to me, "Angel, read these pages about obedience and dispassion. How is it that an angel of The Lord has so much to learn?"

40. Holy Wednesday - Betrayal and Healing

While the Bridegroom was sleeping peacefully in a cozy clean bed under the dry thatched roof of Lazarus' home one of the men in His inner circle of friends was meeting with the very same chief priest who hours before, Jesus had provoked to anger. On the first Passover night the Angel of Death passed over the homes of the people of God, but on this Passover night, through Judas, the Angel of Death pointed to the Son of God. 'I warned Him, didn't I?'

When I heard this from the angelic grapevine, I was in such a dither that I didn't know if I should wake Him up right away and take Him back into the wilderness or let Him get a good night's rest first. I waited.

In the morning Jesus woke up refreshed. Mary and Martha were scurrying around trying to find ways to please Him. Martha set out bread and honey and fish for His breakfast, His favorite foods. Mary was praying. Jesus ate heartily while I tried repeatedly to get his attention. Finally, when Martha forced Mary to go with her to feed the chickens, I got my chance.

"Jesus, we have to talk. Can you break away from here? We need privacy." I whispered nervously.

"What's wrong?" He responded. "Never mind; I'll meet you out in the field behind the Joshua Tree in fifteen minutes, okay?"

I went straight away and rehearsed ways to tell Him the bad news.

Jesus arrived refreshed, happy and healthier-looking than I had ever seen Him before.

"What is it angel?" He asked.

"Lord, I have some very bad news for you. Your friend Judas Iscariot just made a deal with the chief priest to turn you into the authorities for 30 pieces of silver. See, I told you he would try to kill you! I'm afraid they will come to arrest you soon. Listen, I will do everything in my power to prevent that!"

Jesus smiled and said in jest, "Only 30? I think he should have held out for a lot more! I'm offended."

"Lord! This is not a joking matter. What are we going to do?"

"Angel, he replied, I know that My time has come, and I will be betrayed into the hands of My enemies. Be prepared. I will go through a trial and I will be crucified. It is for this reason that I was born. Don't you remember when we were in the wilderness and the Holy Spirit told Me that I only had three more years to live? Well, I have made the most of it. I think I am ready. Will you stay with Me? I will need you more than ever, my friend."

"Every step of the way My Lord. Does that mean we are going to reach the Tree of Life together, and let Adam and Eve out of Hades?"

"Yes," He replied, "The Father sent John the Baptist on to Hades to give everyone the good news that I will release them soon. They are preparing themselves."

"Jesus, something just occurred to me." I said, then asked the unthinkable,"Did you provoke the chief priest on purpose?"

He replied, "Yes, and soon you will see me doing even more to set myself up. The only way I can reach the Tree of Life is through the flaming swords of death, and I can't die naturally. The Holy Spirit wrote all about it in the Scriptures. Have you read the Scriptures angel?"

Changing the subject I mumbled "Poor Judas" under my breath, and then out loud to Jesus I said, "So what should we do tonight Lord, since your days are numbered and all? Are there any weddings in town?"

Surprisingly Jesus already had the answer. "My Bride and I are going to hold a healing extravaganza! It will be the biggest, and best healing services the world has ever known!"

Jesus looked wide-eyed and cheerful like a five year old on Christmas Eve. "This evening, Wednesday, and on this same Wednesday in every country around the world throughout history from this day forward, in every one of thousands of my Bride's churches, my priests will be anointing all of Our Children for the healing of their bodies and souls.

We are going to go through this crucifixion together, and I want everyone going into it to be as strong and healthy both physically and spiritually as I am."

"Lord, surely you are joking," I said as seriously as I could. "This is your idea of a good time? You are about to be tortured, and your last wish on earth is to hold a healing extravaganza?" I could not believe He was serious.

"Yes angel," replied Jesus "and what is wrong with that? Do you remember your daydream when we were visiting John Climacus?"

I had to think hard, it seemed like lightyears ago. Then it came to me. I had been remembering when My angel-friend was speaking to Zechariah who wanted to know what was meant by the two olives trees pouring oil into a golden lamp. My friend told him that it was the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts.' I thought then and now that for the olive oil to create light was certainly more amazing than a hundred suns. I thought too how the word of The Lord was a form of light. Certainly the spirit is mightier than the sword.

"Yes, it is that same Spirit that turned the hard little olive into an oil light-giver, that My Bride uses to anoint priests and kings. Not only are our children anointed for spiritual and physical health but also as fellow kings and queens of My Father's Kingdom, to reign with Him forever. My Father reigns, not by His almighty might, nor by His infinite power, but by His loving Spirit."

Then Jesus seared my soul with His X-ray eyes and added, " Angel, you will never reign, you are a little lower than Our kings and queens, but to serve God, as you say you want to, is nevertheless an awesome honor, and you must have a pure heart to do so.

For My sake, please stop insisting on chanting out-of-key and ruining the heavenly worship services."

I immediately fell flat on my face before Him and cried, "Forgive me my Lord, my King and my God."

From that healing moment on, I knew that I wanted more than anything on earth or in heaven, even more than returning to heaven, or singing with the heavenly hosts, to cling to my Lord like feathers to a dove, and worship Him with the gift He gave me, a softer heart.

As I sat there weeping, Jesus lifted me up with His eyes and said, "I love you to death angel. Come, we have work to do to reach that Tree of Life."

"Lord," I said, not wanting to ruin the moment with my curiosity, but nevertheless I asked, "Were those two olive trees that poured their light giving oil into the lamp, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life?"

Jesus flashed me a mysterious smile and simply replied, "We have eons to talk about these things. Hush, and follow Me."

46. The New Human Jesus and Me

Jesus found me lounging in my little chapel on the island where I spent blissful days in the aromatic sacred space and happy nights flying figure eights over the Aegean.

"There you are angel!" He exclaimed with relief the moment He entered the chapel. "I have been looking everywhere for you! Your vacation is over! Come, let's get back to Jerusalem!"

"Why do You want to go back there?" I retorted. "Stay here with me; this place is so beautiful and serene. I've grown rather fond of this century too."

Without further comment Jesus walked out of the chapel expecting me to follow, which, of course I did. He seemed to be in a hurry. I wondered why Jesus would even want to return to that dusty busy town, particularly in the days and weeks after His crucifixion, the scene of hostile priests, militant Romans and His scourging.

Return we did to 33 AD and to the region of the sea of Tiberias.

"What are we doing here?" This isn't Jerusalem?"

"I know" replied Jesus, "I want to check in with a few of my students. Do me a favor, find someone to build a fire on the beach for me please, okay?"

"I'll try." I replied and went off in search of a Boy Scout. I soon spotted a young adolescent milling around aimlessly, and sent him a powerful chill and then transferred the thought to build a fire. Being so young, he was particularly easy to influence. Within moments, he had a fire blazing. Jesus walked up to the young man with a few fish in hand.

"Greetings son, may I use your fire to cook these fish?" He asked.

"Sure. How many have you got, sir?" Just then the young man's uncle called for him. "I've got to go." he said, "Enjoy the fire, it's all yours." And off the boy went.

I looked at Jesus with a very big grin, feeling particularly proud of myself for orchestrating that so well.

"Enough of that," He said not wanting me to indulge myself in pride, "Here come my students; watch this." Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel and two others were rowing to shore in their fishing boat.

When they arrived Jesus hollered out to them saying, "Where are your fish?"

Peter replied, "We have been out all night and didn't catch a thing."

He called out, "Go back and cast your net on the right side of the boat."

Desperate and with nothing to lose, the five men went back out. Sure enough this time they caught so many fish that they could barely haul them in. Surprised by the sudden and unexpected success, they looked at each other and in unison hollered, "Jesus!"

Jesus smiled and called to them, "Bring some of those fish you just caught. Let's cook them up on this fire. I have bread."

While they were all feasting on the fish and bread Jesus asked Peter over and over again if he loved Him, which seemed to irritate Peter slightly, until by the third time Peter understood that Jesus was allowing him to reverse the three cowardly lies that he told when he denied that he even knew Jesus, whom he now said he loved. Now that there was no risk. To help Peter make amends even more, Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep, meaning that Peter should help create the Church, The Bride of Christ. What a big job; what an honor, for such a louse.

After breakfast the disciples had to get back to their haul. Jesus bid them farewell promising to see them again, and then we departed for Jerusalem. While we walked, I decided it might be a good time to talk, so I asked Him point blank, "What are we doing here? Why don't we go back to heaven? What more can you do on earth? Will you stay here forever and watch over your friends until one by one they grow old and die!"

Jesus answered, "I want to get one last look, I want to experience being human a little more. There were a few things I couldn't do before that I want to do now. Most importantly l want to make sure my friends know that I am not dead."

I didn't want to contradict Him, but I didn't think Jesus seemed as human as He did before. I could tell that He still embodied the Spirit of God, but with a different kind of luminescent immortal body. I wondered why Jesus made himself look different since His resurrection, but I didn't dare ask.

When we arrived at the Jaffa gate. Jesus stopped and looked back, and then turned around and peered through the gate into the city. Then he looked over at me and said, "I am going to miss this place."

I replied trying to curb my enthusiasm, "Does that mean we are going to leave? When do we go home?"

Again, not replying, which really started to irk me, Jesus walked quietly through the streets of the City. Of course no one recognized Him. That's when it occurred to me that it would have brought too much attention to Him if He looked the same. We visited His mother, and others, but He did not reveal Himself very often. I think Jesus was truly enjoying the anonymity after the last three years of fame with all the crowds and lack of privacy.

What I didn't realize then, was that during these weeks after Pascha Jesus lived on earth as a new kind of human, an immortal one, enjoying nature, and humanity up close as He had for thirty three years, but with a new perspective. I believe that these are the freest and most peaceful days of Jesus Christ's earthly life. I had never seen Him so calm and nostalgic. His work was done, and now He could just enjoy life as a human on earth.

Post script. One day, when I was in the twenty-first century a young man told me how glad he was during these weeks after the resurrection to know that Jesus was still on earth in the Bride's year. It was like knowing that a movie star or a president lived in the neighborhood, even though he had never seen the movie star or president. Just knowing that that he or she was near was kind of thrilling. Likewise knowing that Jesus is still here, walking the planet in these days in the Bride's year always brings to his heart a feeling of exhilaration.

Humans are strange creatures. That's for sure.