7. The Bride's Favorite Food

It felt so good to be in heaven again! When Saint John's party ended everyone dispersed to their own places of work. The seraphim and thrones who attended the festivities returned to God's throne room and angels went back to earth to guard their people. Not everyone was abandoned and those who were, were still being watched from afar or by substitute guardian angels.

After the party, many of the archangels and other angels traded church posts with each other. Actually, the trading was a major sub-event event that would have stunned Wall Street to behold. The little gods who lived in heaven went back to waiting for the second coming of Christ to earth, and to preparing themselves for the final Judgment.

I was looking around for a place to hide when The Lord suddenly blocked my way. "Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed! "You frightened me!"

"Where were you going? Have the immature gods on earth dulled your senses so much that you thought you could hide from Me?"

"I think I have learned enough about your Bride down there. Don't You, Master?" I replied trying to sound as innocent as I could, and added, "Perhaps it is time to learn more about how She functions up here with all the gods who have died and shed their bodies. There is so much to learn!"

Jesus said, "You have been on earth less than a month and you say that you know everything about my Bride? How is this possible? Tell me, what is Her favorite food?"

I felt cornered. Her favorite food? What an absurd question, I thought. I remembered the birthday cake at John's party, but that was up here. Why did Her food matter?

"What goes into the mouth cannot defile a person," He said, "but it can sanctify one."

Jesus deftly zeroed-in on another sore point. Eating, I had to admit, was another one of those aspects of life that repulsed and confused me. It was hard for me to get used to little gods shoving plants and animals into their mouths several times each and every day; and sometimes in frighteningly large quantities. We angels never do anything like that and we have energy enough to fly through and around the cosmos.

"Okay, Lord. I certainly have no clue what the Bride, who is Spirit I remind you, likes to eat." I replied in defeat but with my characteristic dollop of cynicism.

Jesus correcting me said, "Like Myself, My beloved Bride, is both human and divine. I will give you a hint. She is in Me, and I am in Her."

I thought and I thought and still could not figure out what it could be, having not spent that much time either in the kitchens of the little gods, nor in the churches when they were populated. Besides, I always hated riddles.

"Does she like to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?" I replied half- jokingly; God seems to have relaxed His commands so much in this new age of tolerance that I wouldn't put it passed Him to allow everything, even to the point of approving His first great command which was about abstinence.

"Of course not! But you are very close! Keep thinking, my friend."

It so touched me when The Lord called me, cynical angel that I am, His friend, that for a moment I could think of nothing else.

"Wake up and get back to the point. Do you remember where you and I stood in the beginning when God made heaven and earth? Where He placed the very first pair of little god-like humans?"

I did remember this of course, though I haven't thought back on those days in many moons. Was the Bride in existence then, I wondered, and what did She eat? There were many varieties of edible fruit; could it be one of those?

Starting to grow impatient with me, The Lord hinted again, "Come now, My Bride is the Queen of Life, as I am its King of kings."

Life giving food... Frustrated, Jesus gradually brought to my mind The Tree of Life and so I said it aloud! "Do you mean that the Bride is able to penetrate through the swirling flames and cherubic guards to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever?"

With a huge grin on His face, and an even bigger sigh of relief, Jesus replied. "I am the way and the truth and the life, whoever comes to Me shall never die, but live."

"My friend," He said with great compassion in His voice. "As I said in the beginning of this conversation, you must return to earth. In several months, on the holiest Thursday, my Beloved will take you to the Last Supper, which is a misnomer, for it was the first great feast of my Beloved Bride. That meal has become Her favorite food, and the food that nourishes all the godly spirits that comprise her throughout the millennia since the beginning of time, and around my blessed planet earth with My humanity and My divinity. Now I command you to return to earth until you have become fully acquainted with My Bride. I only ask this one year of your time. Efcharisto."

I admitted defeat once again, as I always will with Him. Why do I even try to oppose or challenge Him? When will I learn? Also, why did He suddenly switch to Greek, and why did He thank me? As if I had a choice.

These were the thoughts that filled my mind and heart as we hugged and I turned to fly back to the Creation, for even though angels have no bodies, we nevertheless have minds and hearts. As I was flying back to earth, I also kept wondering what the Bride's favorite food could be.