40. Holy Wednesday - Betrayal and Healing

While the Bridegroom was sleeping peacefully in a cozy clean bed under the dry thatched roof of Lazarus' home one of the men in His inner circle of friends was meeting with the very same chief priest who hours before, Jesus had provoked to anger. On the first Passover night the Angel of Death passed over the homes of the people of God, but on this Passover night, through Judas, the Angel of Death pointed to the Son of God. 'I warned Him, didn't I?'

When I heard this from the angelic grapevine, I was in such a dither that I didn't know if I should wake Him up right away and take Him back into the wilderness or let Him get a good night's rest first. I waited.

In the morning Jesus woke up refreshed. Mary and Martha were scurrying around trying to find ways to please Him. Martha set out bread and honey and fish for His breakfast, His favorite foods. Mary was praying. Jesus ate heartily while I tried repeatedly to get his attention. Finally, when Martha forced Mary to go with her to feed the chickens, I got my chance.

"Jesus, we have to talk. Can you break away from here? We need privacy." I whispered nervously.

"What's wrong?" He responded. "Never mind; I'll meet you out in the field behind the Joshua Tree in fifteen minutes, okay?"

I went straight away and rehearsed ways to tell Him the bad news.

Jesus arrived refreshed, happy and healthier-looking than I had ever seen Him before.

"What is it angel?" He asked.

"Lord, I have some very bad news for you. Your friend Judas Iscariot just made a deal with the chief priest to turn you into the authorities for 30 pieces of silver. See, I told you he would try to kill you! I'm afraid they will come to arrest you soon. Listen, I will do everything in my power to prevent that!"

Jesus smiled and said in jest, "Only 30? I think he should have held out for a lot more! I'm offended."

"Lord! This is not a joking matter. What are we going to do?"

"Angel, he replied, I know that My time has come, and I will be betrayed into the hands of My enemies. Be prepared. I will go through a trial and I will be crucified. It is for this reason that I was born. Don't you remember when we were in the wilderness and the Holy Spirit told Me that I only had three more years to live? Well, I have made the most of it. I think I am ready. Will you stay with Me? I will need you more than ever, my friend."

"Every step of the way My Lord. Does that mean we are going to reach the Tree of Life together, and let Adam and Eve out of Hades?"

"Yes," He replied, "The Father sent John the Baptist on to Hades to give everyone the good news that I will release them soon. They are preparing themselves."

"Jesus, something just occurred to me." I said, then asked the unthinkable,"Did you provoke the chief priest on purpose?"

He replied, "Yes, and soon you will see me doing even more to set myself up. The only way I can reach the Tree of Life is through the flaming swords of death, and I can't die naturally. The Holy Spirit wrote all about it in the Scriptures. Have you read the Scriptures angel?"

Changing the subject I mumbled "Poor Judas" under my breath, and then out loud to Jesus I said, "So what should we do tonight Lord, since your days are numbered and all? Are there any weddings in town?"

Surprisingly Jesus already had the answer. "My Bride and I are going to hold a healing extravaganza! It will be the biggest, and best healing services the world has ever known!"

Jesus looked wide-eyed and cheerful like a five year old on Christmas Eve. "This evening, Wednesday, and on this same Wednesday in every country around the world throughout history from this day forward, in every one of thousands of my Bride's churches, my priests will be anointing all of Our Children for the healing of their bodies and souls.

We are going to go through this crucifixion together, and I want everyone going into it to be as strong and healthy both physically and spiritually as I am."

"Lord, surely you are joking," I said as seriously as I could. "This is your idea of a good time? You are about to be tortured, and your last wish on earth is to hold a healing extravaganza?" I could not believe He was serious.

"Yes angel," replied Jesus "and what is wrong with that? Do you remember your daydream when we were visiting John Climacus?"

I had to think hard, it seemed like lightyears ago. Then it came to me. I had been remembering when My angel-friend was speaking to Zechariah who wanted to know what was meant by the two olives trees pouring oil into a golden lamp. My friend told him that it was the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts.' I thought then and now that for the olive oil to create light was certainly more amazing than a hundred suns. I thought too how the word of The Lord was a form of light. Certainly the spirit is mightier than the sword.

"Yes, it is that same Spirit that turned the hard little olive into an oil light-giver, that My Bride uses to anoint priests and kings. Not only are our children anointed for spiritual and physical health but also as fellow kings and queens of My Father's Kingdom, to reign with Him forever. My Father reigns, not by His almighty might, nor by His infinite power, but by His loving Spirit."

Then Jesus seared my soul with His X-ray eyes and added, " Angel, you will never reign, you are a little lower than Our kings and queens, but to serve God, as you say you want to, is nevertheless an awesome honor, and you must have a pure heart to do so.

For My sake, please stop insisting on chanting out-of-key and ruining the heavenly worship services."

I immediately fell flat on my face before Him and cried, "Forgive me my Lord, my King and my God."

From that healing moment on, I knew that I wanted more than anything on earth or in heaven, even more than returning to heaven, or singing with the heavenly hosts, to cling to my Lord like feathers to a dove, and worship Him with the gift He gave me, a softer heart.

As I sat there weeping, Jesus lifted me up with His eyes and said, "I love you to death angel. Come, we have work to do to reach that Tree of Life."

"Lord," I said, not wanting to ruin the moment with my curiosity, but nevertheless I asked, "Were those two olive trees that poured their light giving oil into the lamp, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life?"

Jesus flashed me a mysterious smile and simply replied, "We have eons to talk about these things. Hush, and follow Me."