Hypocrites and Why to Love Them

I decided recently that hypocrites don't deserve to get bad a rap as they get. Sure, hypocrites are the reason why so many people choose not to reach for immortality. So what, that's understandable. Afterall, what is worse than seeing someone walk in or out of a church who is obviously a liar, cheater, or hater. Any rational mortal would naturally think that churches must be full of similar self-deluded people and they would want no part of it. Even Jesus Christ hated hypocrites with a purple passion. I know that's because God's business revolves around the commodities of love and truth, and hypocrites are bad for business.

The hypocrite problem is clear enough but I still love hyprocites for two important reasons. First of all, I feel really sorry for them. Even though we people seem to sort ourselves by race, creed, bank accounts, and IQs, that's not how God will sort us on the last day of old earth. God's six categories of humans are found in my still unpublished book, The Immortal Life, but one category is hypocrites. On that terrible day the hypocrites will receive the shock of their lives and there won't be anywhere to go but down. That's AWFUL!!! How sad. I know they deserve it, but they don't know that.

The second reason I love hypocrites is because as bad and self deluded as they are, they have kept the light of immortality shining through the centuries. If it wasn't for the hypocrites do you think for a minute that Christianity would have lasted this long? There are so few immortals and so many hypocrites that if it wasn't for the hypocrites it would be much more difficult to have learned about the immortal option of life. Hypocrites fill churches, pay dues, make large donations, sometimes even the largest donations; they feed the poor and spread the message. Hypocrites do all that good and will still not make it to the land of immortality. Wow, thank you!

So my immortal friend, if you pass a hypocrite on the street today give him or her a big hug from me.