Air of Happiness

WARNING: With this message I dare to venture into the forests of science and psychology, begging my Boss to place each foot exactly where it should land because otherwise I’ll get lost, take you with me, and we will never find in these woods the pebble of bright light we want for our journey to immortality.

‘Be Prepared’ is a good motto for space travelers, Scouts, and immortals. For the moon as for the land of immortality we probably can’t go there if we don’t know how to be there. I once thought that when the immortal gets his or her brand new body, on the way to the new earth, it will be all ready for the future oxygen-free atmosphere, but now I’m not so sure. I wonder if some aspiring immortals will still need oxygen and hence will fall by the wayside.

Earth, air, fire, and water, breathe of life. Oxygen has a lot to do on this old planet. It even causes decay. When I started thinking seriously about the immortal world I figured that humankind will no longer need oxygen and blood. I went only so far with that line of thinking when I fell right back to the matter of pride because pride and oxygen have so much in common. Imagine for a moment that pride is oxygen. Both seem to be essential for life on old earth and neither immortalizes us. In fact, to depend on pride and oxygen is a sure way to stay mortal.

Like oxygen, pride is essential for the mortal life. Mortals puff themselves up like swollen little chicks with pride for their achievements, beauty, talent, possessions and whatever power can be evoked. And yet, God’s friend James (4:6) writes that God resists the proud. In fact, keyword search ‘pride’ in the Good Book and it is all bad. Pride keeps the mortal going strong, but it is deadly for the immortal. Pride is the source of anger, resistance to criticism, jealously, vanity, and hypocrisy. Pride causes self delusion because it is what makes us blind to our own failings.

It took me a long time to accept how treacherous pride is for the aspiring immortal. I didn't want to believe it. I was proud of my reasons for pride. When I started to try to become small enough to squeeze through the very narrow gate to the immortal world I could see that pride was my fattening enemy and not my friend. Now I try hard to be aware of my pride. I can see pride seep in via many disguises, and that it is the source of most if not all of my anxieties and conflicts. I think God hates human pride because it keeps us from trusting Him exclusively. Perhaps the meek and poor in spirit are blessed because they have fewer opportunities to fall into the pride pit.

It’s not that God wants His immortal children to be specks of dirty dust, groveling for bits of life to cling to, but rather to be concentrated particles of light. Envision uranium, diamonds and flecks of gold which are of infinite value, purpose and capability. After all, we are all made of tiny cells and elements, not of anything large. Small is good. Be a bright light but don’t look at yourself, shine on and for others. In this way immortals will illuminate this world and the one without the sun.

Aspiring immortal, the message for the day is to breathe Jesus and eat plenty of humble pie to shrink.

Reality - Stranger than Science Fiction

After reading the last entry about the fiery end of Humble Pie making, I had to ask myself and my heart’s Holy roommate how we expect anyone to believe this. It sounds so very science fiction. I even had thoughts of sending it to Hollywood for new episodes of the Twilight Zone. The idea that there will be a new planet earth for immortals that were formed on this old planet earth to live with God forever is preposterous. Particularly, the part that says God chooses who will become immortal and gives them painful fiery baptisms. Any well-grounded reader will think I’m crazy and turn to a good Soduko instead.

Then this morning I opened my Good Book to where I left off in the Epistles and the Gospels, and right there in the first chapter of Corinthians, God’s friend Paul goes on and on about how the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men, and how God likes to play with our heads by speaking through the smallest of us, like children or the poor and meek rather than the most educated and illustrious.

I’ve often thought that using a middle-aged woman like me, who was trained to build clay sculptures, and plans cafeterias for money was certainly a dubious pick for a writer friend but I play along because it’s fun. I often ask Him if He noticed that agents and publishers don’t care about me, but He tells me to shut up and write, so I do. God’s wisdom truly looks like foolishness to men like me too.

Then my Boss made two interesting points. 1) Only true immortals know the difference between science fiction and reality and that’s all that matters. This is the Home Page for Immortals. I am not here to turn water into wine or to turn mortals into immortals. I couldn’t possibly do that. I am only here to encourage aspiring-immortals and 2) Even though the message is far fetched, wouldn’t even a rational mortal realize that the Creator knows best why He made mankind? After all Thomas Edison knows why he made light bulbs better than the light bulb knows why Edison invented it. Oh yeah, most light bulbs don’t believe in Thomas Edison.

Shut up and write means to turn down the noise in my head so I can focus on what He wants me to say to you. The point is that if you can’t possibly believe that human beings are created with the capacity for immortality and that a dual civilization is occurring on earth in the twenty-first century then you probably can’t see the wisdom in hand picking the most virtuous, peaceable, and trusting population to live with forever and ever. Have you noticed that there are two kinds of shoppers in the produce department, the kind who grab a handful of green beans and the kind who look at each bean for bruises that would make the stew bitter? God is the second kind of shopper.

The point is that creative thinking, the kind that set the stars in the sky and turns the planets, the kind that came up with a trillion shapes, colors and textures in nature, hundreds of animal forms and the kind of creative thinking that even dabbles in history and politics is just creative enough to make reality sound like science fiction.

It isn’t God who mystifies me most but mortals. Why do mortals accept the pain and suffering from a surgeon who cuts them open to remove a tumor or to repair an artery, but when a priest or psychologist tries to remove a demon all they can focus on is the giver of the pain and not the cure? Reality is truly stranger than science fiction.

Hypocrites and Why to Love Them

I decided recently that hypocrites don't deserve to get bad a rap as they get. Sure, hypocrites are the reason why so many people choose not to reach for immortality. So what, that's understandable. Afterall, what is worse than seeing someone walk in or out of a church who is obviously a liar, cheater, or hater. Any rational mortal would naturally think that churches must be full of similar self-deluded people and they would want no part of it. Even Jesus Christ hated hypocrites with a purple passion. I know that's because God's business revolves around the commodities of love and truth, and hypocrites are bad for business.

The hypocrite problem is clear enough but I still love hyprocites for two important reasons. First of all, I feel really sorry for them. Even though we people seem to sort ourselves by race, creed, bank accounts, and IQs, that's not how God will sort us on the last day of old earth. God's six categories of humans are found in my still unpublished book, The Immortal Life, but one category is hypocrites. On that terrible day the hypocrites will receive the shock of their lives and there won't be anywhere to go but down. That's AWFUL!!! How sad. I know they deserve it, but they don't know that.

The second reason I love hypocrites is because as bad and self deluded as they are, they have kept the light of immortality shining through the centuries. If it wasn't for the hypocrites do you think for a minute that Christianity would have lasted this long? There are so few immortals and so many hypocrites that if it wasn't for the hypocrites it would be much more difficult to have learned about the immortal option of life. Hypocrites fill churches, pay dues, make large donations, sometimes even the largest donations; they feed the poor and spread the message. Hypocrites do all that good and will still not make it to the land of immortality. Wow, thank you!

So my immortal friend, if you pass a hypocrite on the street today give him or her a big hug from me.