Back to the Future

All of my blogged inspirational suggestions like:

§ realize that the invisible God has shown us, through our own technology, that we can make the short leap from cyberspace to heaven to find Him

§ realize that we have missions, and that a good life is one that is used to please God

§ consider that you too may have a virgin birth, thus you can identify with Jesus Christ a little more to live as a real true child of God, and

§ realize that Christmas should be celebrated because Jesus showed us how to trust God better than Adam did

…are all designed to transport you first mentally, then spiritually, and ultimately physically to the new world as described in the Bible’s last chapter.

In this election year most thinking-people spend time contemplating what can be done to make American–life comfortable for more people. We want what’s good. We don’t want evil. We appreciate the freedom to choose. God endorses freedom. That’s why He allows us to come and go and do whatever we want as if He doesn’t even exist. He doesn’t want to coerce anyone. He favors religions that don’t coerce too. Freedom is a wonderful thing, even though it allows evil. We want to pick a president who can make a good world out of a free world.

This world is heavily flawed because of all the evil in it. To help our president make a good world, we need to use our freedom to choose to defy evil, the evil that whispers in our ears, lurks in our hearts, and impels us to lie, hate and otherwise miss the mark of God-likeness. The world that we want our next president to make is a world that each of us needs to help form by being generous, compassionate, honest, hard working and forgiving. Anyone can govern a country full of good people. No one can govern a country full of radical, self centered people who intentionally deceive each other.

God knows that the person who can make this world a better place, if only for their families and co-workers, clubs, teams, associations and congregations will be just the kind of person He will select for the real permanent world. He will make these people physically immortal.

Some say that being good isn’t good enough. Jesus said that no one is really good but God. That’s why the one goal has to be Godliness. Being good is good enough if you are good like God. Only Jesus was that good, even though He refused to admit it. We can try.

Working at becoming like God, or even like you think a God should be if you would allow yourself for a moment to invent One, is a win-win pursuit. Win here on old earth - win there on new earth.

My message is to ask you to first take the time to learn about who God is, and what He wants from you, that’s mental, then let it sink into your heart to change you in wonderful ways, that’s spiritual, then become an immortal, that’s physical. It starts with learning so read the Bible, read the theologians and read my book, The Immortal Life. Learning is the first step towards the immortal world.