3. Up Sky - Day 2 Monday

September 2008 – If you are visiting evangeline’s blog for the first time in September, you have arrived in the middle of a series about Creation week. Please start with Singing in the Dark. You’ll be glad you did. Peace.

The light seems to be dissipating into thin air. Where is it going? It almost looks like a big bottle of ink was spilled onto the misty-bright foggy droplets and stained them. What next? Oh no! Now, it’s all dark again, but you know, I don’t care. I’m exhausted, let’s try to sleep. Here put your head on my chest. I know you still can’t see me, but you can feel me, right? a little higher. That’s good. I’ll hug you tight with my arms and legs. Feel good? Want me to hum you a lullaby? Let’s let go of all our fear and just relax. It’s okay; nothing can hurt us in our bubble. Take a deep breath. Sweet dreams my friend.

Wow, I actually fell asleep! Are you awake? Did you sleep too? No, well did you see anything? When is the light coming back? It’s still so weird not to have a sun but just to wait for the light to appear. Maybe it won’t. Does God have to tell it to come back again? How do we know? You know, next time (haha) I’m going to bring my copy of the first chapter with me. I can’t even remember what is supposed to happen now.

Wait a second; I think I see something new. It’s on your side. Move over; let me see what it is. Everything is still so wet. I can hardly tell what is happening through the thick fog. Water, water everywhere! We have wet light, wet wind, wet me, wet you, our wet bubble and even wet darkness. Whoa! WHOA!! We’re spinning! Yikes, I hope our bubble doesn’t pop.

Oh my goodness! Does that look like the Houston Astrodome rising out of the dark fog? Amazing! It’s so white and so huge… It’s getting more and more enormous and now it is pushing us out. Where are we going in this misty ocean? Let’s try to maneuver around it to the other side. God, can we see exactly how big this dome thing is? Take us over there… uh, please Sir.

Thanks. Now for some light please? Just kidding, have it Your way. I’ll wait.

I’m really glad that it’s still nice and warm in here, but I feel like I’m in a temperate steam bath. I don’t want to bug God anymore but I really want to try to get inside that astrodome. Maybe if we blow real hard together we can make the bubble go where we want. Come on, at the sound of three. 1---2---3 BLOW!

Excellent! Okay AGAIN. Boy, this thing is gargantuan! I think we’re almost at the end. A few more pushes and I think we can roll around the edge. Roll, roll, roll, ROLL. Okay. We’re in! Oh no! We’re falling!!! Oh it’s so bright again now. I think morning came; morning in a brand new very wet heaven.

Okay let’s go over this. What just happened? I think the waters were separated. Now, there’s the upper watery clouds and the lower watery, uh water. Maybe it was like parting the Red Sea, huh? Nah. That astrodome dome is still there, only it is way high above us now and getting higher. I’m so glad it’s daytime. Now we’re just kind of floating around inside this watery space called Sky. This is okay. At least it’s light out. Do you suppose we’ll catch a glimpse of God today? Oh, I really hope so. Actually, I would mind catching a glimpse of my hand again. You know when it starts to get dark again, that means another day is beginning. I hope it stays light for a very long time. I’m not sure that I can handle another day so soon. What about you? Well here comes the night again, a brand new day. Let’s go to sleep; only tonight you must try harder to sleep.