2. Singing in the Dark-Day 1 Sunday

Come to the beginning of time with me. If we are careful not to make loud noises or jerking gestures we can fit into this bubble together. Yes, come in. That’s it. Now curl up right next me. Good. Comfy? Here we go. Up. higher and higher!

Look at those grassy lands next to the rocky-streets. See the busy people and the lazy people doing the same things as the busy critters and the lazy critters; watch them scurry to and fro eating, working, playing, sleeping, in bunches and alone. Look at those two over there; are they fighting or dancing? Are those two yelling or singing? I don’t know either. Interesting how the trees and plants and even the snakes and bugs are separated, some in deserts, some on mountains, some in the cold northern parts, some in the rainy hot middle. The little people don’t seem to care a whit where they live, as if they belong nowhere and everywhere.

Looks like our bubble is gliding into history; see the funny kinds of clothes on all the modest human bodies and so much more grassy-lands. Oh! The breeze is carrying us over the sea, now how will we know what era it is? Do you feel strangely warm? I suppose our bubble is taking good care of us. Notice how the constancy of the sea below keeps us from getting dizzy with the speed. Isn’t this journey thrilling!

We must be nearing Day 1, it’s getting quite dark. Don’t be scared, don’t cry; we’ll see God soon. I asked Him not to stop the bubble until we get to total chaos. Didn’t I tell you that? Oh my, it’s so dark that I can’t even see the sea anymore. Do you suppose it’s gone? Wait, I can’t see my hands! And I can’t see you either? Can you see me? But I know we are still in the bubble. How very eerie. Do you suppose we have entered the formless void? Darkness darkened. I feel us moving faster and faster; it must be the wind from God blowing us around to show us the face of the waters. I can’t see where the waters begin or where they end. It is not like before when I knew they were below. Now the waters are all around us and we are moving through them. It’s like being in a very thick black fog. I feel so wet, not like sweat or even water is on me, but that I am a thought-filled, breathing molecule of water. If we are at the very beginning, I wonder where God and water, and the wind came from. Some day I’ll ask. Now, I’m scared too. We’d better stop talking. Maybe the time has come. Let’s be very quiet, don’t even let your self think. Shhh! I hear God!

God said, “Let there be light.”

Ahhh!!! It is so beautiful. The light is in our bubble and the light is all around us. It is so deep, and so thin and so very white or is that blue? What a warm radiant light. Not an electric light, not sun light, not moon light. The light is everywhere. Where is it coming from? I see no source for it. I know that the light is not even God. I still can’t see God and I still can’t see you or my hands but I don’t care at all any more. The light is so good. In this light I sense that I know more and I feel less emotional. This must be perfect peace. Oh wait, look over there. Do you see way way over there on the left, darkness is coming to us like a wave over the shore? Where is the darkness coming from and where is the light going? Oh, I remember, He said the light will be called day and the darkness will be called night after He separated them. We made it into time! This must be the very first day! Let the cycle begin! Just kidding, okay, I’ll stop playing God.