4. Land Hoe - Day 3 Tuesday

September 2008 – If you are visiting evangeline’s blog for the first time in September, you have arrived in the middle of a series about Creation week. Please start with Singing in the Dark. You’ll be glad you did. Peace.

Initiating the day with the darkness of evening, with rest and then sleep is beginning to make a lot of sense to me. Even back where we came from, everything starts in the darkness of ignorance or nothingness and from there develops. A seed goes into the dark earth, the painter’s canvas is blank, the infant mind is relatively hollow, the page is empty. Now we know first hand that it is from darkness and emptiness that our whole world was created. When I get back, I’m going to call the Daytimer people and tell them to reprint their daily planners to begin at 6 pm. Perhaps that will give mankind the perspective they desperately need to become more patient with themselves and with each other. We don’t start our days with school and work, work, work; we just go there after a nice evening meal, rejuvenating sleep and some prayer-time. Okay, enough wandering mind play. Have you seen anything new happening in this watery place lately? You have to admit that it’s terrific to have a sky at least. I thought I was going to drown for a while there. I didn’t want to worry you, but that watershed moment lasted a bit too long for me. Now I can breathe.

Wait a second, look! It’s like a big giant magnet is sucking up the water below. A sea again! Halleluiah, now things are starting to look familiar. Isn’t this exciting! The light is getting brighter. Okay now I think I am really seeing a miracle! Look down there; isn’t that dry land! How could anything become dry with all the water in the air and all around us? But sure enough, I see Earth! Oh lovely precious Mother Earth, I never thought I’d be so happy to see you again. Hey, stop hugging me so hard, you’re going to choke me! Okay, now crying will get us nowhere, just more water so stop it!

Don’t even blink! Look at what’s happening, the waters are swirling around the land mass and forming Seas. Now I think I’m going to cry; it’s the birth of the Atlantic Ocean over there, and the birth of the Pacific Ocean over there. Yep, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean check, check, check. Good, good, good. I don’t know what they are going to call them at first but this is coming together nicely, eh Sidekick? Fascinating! Oh man! I really want to pop this bubble right here and now. But the deal was that we stay till God pops the bubble. Good God, this is getting harder!

Oh, OH did you hear that? I think God is talking again. Shhh!! Listen. Who is He talking to? “Let the Earth put forth vegetation: plants yielding seed, and fruit trees of every kind on earth that bears fruit with the seed in it.”

Geesh, look! The Earth is doing it! I can’t even make my dog sit and here the Earth is popping trees and plants everywhere. They are pretty small, but hey--welcome life-form!

Ahhh little grassiness. I don’t remember having seen anything so lovely ever before. Little magenta mums and cheerful buttercups, hemlocks and dogwoods. Is that a cherry tree or a peach tree? Maybe it’s apple, what do I know. God-made orchards and vineyards, infant forests, tropical forests, it’s so glorious to behold. And to think: no pests or predators. No threats at all, just plants and trees. It almost makes me wonder why He doesn’t stop here and now. I don’t think I would mind spending a yearlong-today in this cramped bubble if only I could watch the vegetation grow in harmony with the sky and our warm sun-less daylight and our darker than dark nights. Speaking of dark nights. It looks like a new day is about to begin. I know that I won’t sleep tonight. I just want to hover over the brand new dry land and look at the fresh new trees and vegetables, flowers and fruit. This is amazing. Peace with new life. They don’t even seem to need the sun. How is this working? Are you writing my questions down? Right, no pencil.