5. Light Too - Day 4 Wednesday

September 2008 – If you are visiting evangeline’s blog for the first time in September, you have arrived in the middle of a series about Creation week. Please start with Singing in the Dark. You’ll be glad you did. Peace. 

You know, when it gets dark here, it gets perfectly dark. Black on black. No wonder light was the first thing God created. I wonder how long He actually put up with all that darkness and void before He couldn’t stand it any more. Why bother to create or do anything if there is no light for you or any spirit to see it in? Darkness hides, darkness hides the truth, darkness supports ignorance with its thick veil; it elevates feelings over knowledge.   I am afraid in the dark because I can’t see traps or attackers.   Darkness is horrible, even dreadful by its very nature. What good thrives in the dark, okay besides gestation? Are you poking me?   Are you one of those people who likes film noir? You know that’s another aspect of darkness, that’s about evil. It’s so easy for evil to strengthen in darkness. But even good spirits function in darkness. Isn’t that strange? Good spirits just trust God in spite of the blindness of darkness.

I wonder if light was God’s very good idea to quash evil, by the kind of awareness that only light can give. I think I am beginning to understand why God is creating this planet after all. I suspect that He wants a place where the war between good and evil spirits can be played out in the light of day, with beauty all around, with truth being a little more obvious than it could have ever been in that dark void of a few days ago and forever before that. That was scary, but now even when it is dark, knowing that light will come sustains me.

Yep, here we are sitting in pitch black trying to look out of our bubble at the earth which is there somewhere because I saw it when there was light and now, you could easily talk me into believing that it’s not there at all and that I never saw it. I despise darkness! What a liar it is! Anyway, what do you want to do until the light returns? I can’t sleep, I’m too upset. Do you want to play twenty questions? I’m thinking of a famous politician. Oh, YOU can sleep, huh. Fine go right ahead and leave me here all alone. Why did I bring you anyway? Good night and good riddance!

Wake up! Wake-up! Look, oh my God, I mean WOW! Do you see what I see? Is that actually the very first sun rise ever? I think I’m going to faint. I really can’t contain myself right now. It is stunning, I mean really stunning. Feel my pulse, am I still alive?

Wow, there it goes up up up in the sky, just like it’s suppose to. Now we can have real time, like hours and minutes. Oh sublime fascination, oh magnificence. No more wondering when the darkness is coming. Hey, listen, let’s sing the Star Spangled Banner in say an hour, okay? Ha-ha-ha-ha! I don’t think I have ever been so happy. Do you suppose we’ll tan in this bubble? I’ll bet the plants and trees will be glad; okay that’s taking it too far. Fine.

So what do you want to do today? Let’s ask for a good breeze to carry us around the world. We have this big beautiful planet here, with no animals or insects and most especially no other humans! How spectacular! How peaceful!   Let’s see how much ground we can cover before tomorrow. This is truly awesome!  

Wait a minute; I wonder what happened to the old light, it was so beautiful, actually more beautiful than this sunlight? Where did it go, and why wasn’t the sun created first to make the light ?   Oh yeah, there was no sky to put it in. Details details. Oh you think it was because the sun is fire and with all that water around, the sun could not have survived. Okay, I see, but why did God make the plants and trees that need the sun before He put the sun up in the sky? You think because this way you and I can see that it wasn’t the sun (as mighty and powerful and worshipped as it is) that created plant life, but that God did it. I think you may have a point there. People of the light should know how much greater God is than even the sun. Life can exist without the sun, but not without God. You and I are witnesses. Good point. How did you come up with that?

Do you suppose we will ever again be able to see the light that existed without the sun? It was so beautiful. Yes, you’re probably right, at the end of time. I think the last chapter said that on the second earth there won’t be any need for the sun because God will be its light. I also think it’s because there will be no more need for time. The whole point to the sun and moon was to regulate time anyway. How lucky that you and I are the only humans who have seen both kinds of light, or at least we have seen the sunless light first. Right, except for Jesus. Hey, where is He anyway? I haven’t seen Him. You’d think He would stop by to visit us since we know He has been here all along.   Oh well, I guess He is busy. Maybe it’s because He hasn’t been born as a person yet, so He doesn’t have a body.   Wait a minute!   MAYBE Jesus was the light that came before the sun! Okay, too esoteric for you. Let’s get going on the trip before it’s too late. Come on bubble giddy-up.

Let’s not go over the Pacific, that would take all day. I want to see as much land as I can before the sun sets. Let’s see how fast we can cross the Atlantic and check out Europe. I’d love to see Rome and Paris without architecture. Our friends will never believe us. Who cares?

This bubble isn’t moving fast enough for me, the day is going so fast and there is so much to see.   Do you think that today has gone by faster because of time, or no? It looks like it’s been about 10 hours since the sun first rose, but it feels like about two hours. We don’t have much time left.   Oh look, I see the moon over there, behind you! Turn around! Look. Well, I was expecting this one. My dear friend I believe this gives a whole new meaning to the term, ‘new moon’! The stars should be exquisite tonight. Do you suppose we could ask God to stop time for a while so we can relish more in this day. After-all who would care, the day lilies?