6. First Eyes - Day 5 Thursday

September 2008 – If you are visiting evangeline’s blog for the first time in September, you have arrived in the middle of a series about Creation week. Please start with Singing in the Dark. You’ll be glad you did. Peace.  

Are we going to sleep today? I suppose sleep is a really good use for all this darkness; stop thinking, seeing, and talking, start renewing and healing, and sometimes you get free personal movies. I’m sure you couldn’t get anyone to sit still for about six hours for a tune-up unless you knocked them out. Good thinking God.  

Hey pal, can you move over about six inches; I think I’m getting a charley-horse in my foot. Ouch ouch . Here it comes! Rub it for me will you? Harder OUCH!!!  That really hurts! Wait, let me try shaking it. Okay okay, I won’t shake it, just rub it as hard as you can. Ohhhh I think it’s starting to go away. Whew, what would I do without you? Thanks for coming. I really am sorry I didn’t tell you that we were going to chaos. I was afraid you wouldn’t come with me. Chaos didn’t last very long. It’s been worth it, hasn’t it? You know this journey has done wonders for you. You look so much younger. I’m not just saying that. Sorry we never made it across the Atlantic yesterday. I don’t know what made me think a bubble was going to cross the ocean in the few hours we had. But something tells me that this is where the show is going to be today anyway.

We-e-ell-come Moby Dick! Look down there! A whale just appeared and over there that school of dolphins! Look at them playing in the sea. Boy do they look like they’re having fun. I can only imagine (or remember) all that is suddenly going on in that sea down there. It makes perfect sense that the sea, which came first, would be the first to get the life form with eyes as contrasted to all that vegetation. I wonder which was the very first creature to have eyes and what that creature saw.  

Look, a seagull! Halleluiah, here come the air corps! What’s wrong; you look so pale. Don’t be ridiculous, you think we can be in serious trouble. You’re afraid that one of these new birds may pay us a visit and accidentally bursts our bubble…over the ocean? All of a sudden you’re feeling threatened by a bird when we have survived so much. Okay, okay, calm down.   You’re clearly over-reacting AGAIN! Now who’s shaking this bubble too much? Listen to me. If there is anything we should have learned by now it is to trust God. I know; it’s easy to trust God when so many other living things aren’t around whose wills may not be as compassionate about your safety and welfare. You’re suddenly triangulating, eh? One on one you and God are tight, but when a third comes into the picture all hell suddenly breaks lose. Suddenly God disappears and it’s just you and your enemy.

I beg to disagree with you my friend. I suspect that the same God who you heard with your very own ears introduce light to darkness, and who pushed water around the heavens and the earth like He was playing with a magnet has it all under control. Well, maybe control was not the right word. It’s pretty obvious that every natural thing is carefully being placed on autopilot. Seeds multiplying trees and plants, fish and birds, sun and moon taking turns. You know that bellow we keep hearing…good, good, good? It’s all good!

I’m sure between popping out sea and air creatures, He is keeping an eye on this weird little of bubble of time travelers…wow! It just occurred to me that I can see you and my hands and my feet. When did that happen? I figured that we wouldn’t reappear until humans were created. So I got used to being invisible. Did you notice when our bodies reappeared? Was it before the sunrise? No? Well, how about yesterday? I know we spent a lot of time looking out. Do you remember seeing me then? Me neither. It must have been this morning. Maybe you and I were the first visible animals with eyes. And maybe my cramp was given to remind me that I had a body.

Good news. You see, if you believe that He won’t protect you, then you’re right, and if you believe that He will protect you then you’re right! I am sure that a bird will not burst our bubble over the ocean because He told me that He will burst our bubble when He is ready, and I know that He would not have shown us all this just to waste this experience in the ocean. More than anything else, God is logical! So the birds are not our enemies, even though they have the potential to destroy us because God has other plans for me and YOU!

Now that you are visible you have a lot more to learn about the invisible, my friend. When we were invisible did we care any less or any differently about each other? Were we different people? No! Our eyes, whether to be seen or to see with are made as companions for the light. Eyes and light are like keys and locks, each is useless alone. Not just your beautiful blue eyes and the sun light, but your inner eyes and the first light we saw. Mankind hadn’t been created when only that light and not the light from the sun illuminated our planet; perhaps that’s why so few people understand light. How would they know about the first light unless they learned how to use their inner eyes? When we were invisible, we were using our inner eyes. Inner eyes see life differently because they don't need the sun I suppose. Remember the Book said, “in God was life, and the life was the light of men.” That light he was talking about was not sunlight; it was that first light. 

Our life is a kind of light and our inner eyes see that light and make us aware that we don’t ever have to live in darkness. The control God has is the control of steering us with Him. He isn’t controlling you or the birds; as long as you can see Him with your inner eyes, He guides you through the threats from all the third parties. You and I are delivered from all wrath, danger, and necessity almost as Fed-ex takes a letter away from point A and to point B. Special delivery! 

Did you see how close that pelican got! Ha-ha-ha! Scared you! Come on, grow up! Enjoy this world before horses, bears and humans come along. After all, this is our last abnormal day. What do you want to do tonight? Ah! being the only human beings, in fact the only animal life, is so peaceful. How can we make that sun go away and the other light return so we can live in timelessness? I wish this day would never end. Yes, I’m exaggerating. You want to know how long those two days were before the sun rose? I have no idea, no watch remember. Let’s just be quiet and soak in the view.