7. Zoo and Adam - Day 6 Friday

September 2008 – If you are visiting evangeline’s blog for the first time in September, you have arrived towards the end of a series about Creation week. Please start with Singing in the Dark. You’ll be glad you did. Peace.

Hello, bubble pal. Evening is upon us once again, and with it a new day. God will probably pull an all-nighter, especially today. Obviously, He doesn’t need the tune up. But, where does He get all that energy? Maybe He eats wind and takes hydrogen baths? Just kidding. True, we can’t know everything; a world without mysteries would be boring: what a thrill we get separating true mysteries from latent discoveries! Yet, how I will miss the simplicity of this glorious week. You too? yeah…

I know I won’t be sleeping tonight, T-G-I-F, it’s almost over. Ahhhh the grand finale. I want to be awake for every last minute. What a week!! I can’t wait to go back to the twenty-first century and tell everyone. What do you mean no one will believe me? I saw it with my very own eyes! They must believe me. I should have brought a camera.

See how peaceful the earth is without creatures and humans, and absolutely poop-free! Funny how we call this planet ‘earth’ when only a small part of it is earthy-soil. Imagine how much more intense the planet would be had 2/3 been land and only 1/3 water. Perish the thought! How about this one? If God made humans into sea creatures instead of land-lubbers, we would probably call the planet Oceanus. Why aren’t you laughing?

Look! Now this is different. Do you see what I see? It’s so dark that I can barely make it out, but I believe that animals are emerging from the earth! Do we actually see the earth giving birth to squirrels and frogs? True, there are a limited number of elements from which everything is created and they are all in the earth. What a palette. How ingenious! From earth and water emerge absolutely everything by a different composition of elements. Look a baby zebra chasing a baby monkey, and over there: a herd of sheep! Let the games begin! They are so young and so new!

I’m sure that if I weren’t seeing the beginning with my own eyes I too would not believe that our earth and its abundant life came into being by verbal command. And yet creation has been so spontaneous and so orderly. How else could the millions of different life forms exist except by the design of a creative super-genius? You might be able to talk me into a monkey becoming a man, but what was a caterpillar first and why don’t larvae turn into birds instead of butterflies? Good going God! What did You say? Can you repeat that please? Sir?

“Let Us make humankind in Our image, according to Our Likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.”

Hey bubble pal, did you hear that? No, I don’t mean all the animal sounds. I mean did you hear God say ‘Us’. All week we have been looking for God and have not seen Him, but every day we hear Him. “Good, good, good.” Now He says Us. Who is ‘Us’? I thought there was only one God. What did you say? Yes, He is the God of spirits and of all flesh. So you think that the voice we have been hearing came from the leader of spirits that existed in the darkness doing whatever spirits did before God decided to create light and this time-laden planet. Yes, of course, before light and darkness took turns, there was no time, just like in the future when there will only be light and no darkness and, right! No time, hence immortality! Spirits existed before time and spirits will exist after time.

Now I wish we had started this journey before day one. Ha-ha-ha, yeah, you got me, ‘before time’ is an oxymoron! I’m serious though; what was in chaos? Try to remember what it was like. It was dark and windy and watery. But now we are told that the image and likeness of God was there in more than one spirit. Is He the God of many spirits like He became the God of humans? Yes? How can you be so sure?

Okay smarty-pants, then tell me why He wants help to make humans when He didn’t get help with anything else? Forget it. I really hope we will see Him soon. If He made humans in His image and likeness, I suppose He will look human. Hey, don’t call me stupid! I really resent that! You apologize right now! …forgiven. Now tell me what’s wrong with me looking to see God? I thought you were looking for Him too.

Okay, don’t answer that; let me guess what you will say. We will never see God with our eyes because He is spirit. A god you can see with your eyes is called an Eyedol, I mean idol ha-ha. Okay, He has to be spirit to be as omnipotent as He is. As a spirit He can eve dwell within hearts, even lots of hearts at the same time, while still being distinct, superior and autonomous. If anyone could see God what that person sees is limited. That’s the problem so many people have with Jesus. They think the notion that God became a man is blasphemous not to mention impossible because God is unlimited. And yet He made humankind in ‘Their’ image and likeness. The only way we could ever see God with our physical eyes is through a physical person who maintains pure image and likeness. Voila, Jesus who demonstrated the power of God and the love of God like no one else before or after Him! Jesus didn't tell people to worship Him as God only to follow Him to see God within Him. That's why He told people that the perfect prayer starts with "Our father." Jesus isn't an eyedol, He is the perfect son of God. Much better than Adam. And now for the down side: since we entered time Jesus hasn’t been born yet so we had better stop looking for God with our eyes. And that’s why you called me stupid for looking for God with my eyes. How did I do?

Okay, your turn. I hear you…go for it! The image, that God created humans to be, is the kind of image that resides ahhh …in the imagination. Good! But wouldn’t that make God unreal? Now who is being stupid? Don’t you know that the word image means something tangible and imagination is a fantasy? Oh, you think that when we heard God speak, we ‘saw’ Him with our imaginations. That’s the part of us that thinks; it is our inner eye. I know, I know! It’s the same inner eye that saw the light that came before the sun, the inner eye we were talking about yesterday. His image and likeness is not physical, not even in Jesus. That makes sense…keep going. His image, the one He transmitted to humans is spiritual. I don’t understand at all, now you lost me again. What exactly is that image?

I want to understand you so speak slowly. You and me in this bubble saw the words of God make everything, even the sky and moon pop-up. The image of God thinks and speaks. It creates and makes. How un-animal! Yes, I’m beginning to get it. All of humankind thinks and speaks because we are made in the image of a spirit that thinks and speaks. We share a powerful imagination!

Good job, now for His likeness. Let me try this one: God’s likeness is what He likes. He made humans to like the same things He likes: beauty, love, truth, loyalty, trust, peace, the complex, et cetera. God and all those spirits who share his image and likeness get along real well because they like the same things and they have powerful, likeable imaginations. How was that, do you agree?

Okay, let’s stop jabbering I think it is Adam-baby’s birthday time. I’m so glad the sun is rising. We didn’t get a minute of sleep, but I’m not even tired, are you? Look over there, on your right! Is that a porcelain sculpture being formed, or is that marble? I know it’s from the earth. Amazing! Oh my, he looks like Michelangelo’s David. How exquisite! Whoa! Feel that wind! Geesh I feel like a leaf in a tornado! Okay, not that bad! We’re going in circles around the statue. He is so beautiful; see the marble gradually yielding to flesh. Did you see his mouth open just then and his nostrils flare? Adam is coming to life! Ya know, it just occurred to me that perhaps we refer to God as a man because He first created Adam, the man. God was the progenitor who created the male progenitor. Men initiate birth. I miss my dad all of a sudden. Boohoo.

Now what’s happening? It looks like Adam is flying and our bubble is accompanying him eastward. Where are we going? Hey, where did this place come from and why didn’t we see it before? This must be the famous Garden of Eden. Who is Eden? Uhhh, maybe another spirit. Well, she certainly has a lovely garden. There’s the river with four branches and there are a lot of trees, but two should stand out. Let’s see who spots them first, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam just landed, good. Whew! Do you suppose he sees us? Let’s hide.

Oh, I think I know now which one is the good and evil tree because I see Adam walking over to it. Interesting looking tree. I don’t think I have ever seen such a fruit-heavy tree in my life? I still don’t see God but Adam seems to be able to hear Him. Look at him staring at the tree. Boy, doesn’t he look confused? That didn’t last long; there he goes. Watch him run around! Makes me want to stretch my legs, oh I hope I don’t get another cramp. I wish we could pop out and be with him. You know I’m getting hungry; Look at him scarfing down that fruit. I could use some of those figs and strawberries about now. Now what is he eating? This guy looks like he is starving. Oh, oh. Sleepy time. I know what’s happening now! Adam’s out like a light! Yuck, blood Oh man, I’ll bet that hurt!

There goes the rib. Hello, Evie! Isn’t she a beauty? She is sitting beside him, waiting for him to wake up. Isn’t that sweet?

And here comes the sun set. Hope Adam wakes up in time to see his mail order bride before their wedding night begins. Has this day been longer, or does it just seem that way because it has been so bewildering? I feel like a wet rag; it hasn’t felt this intense and personal to me since Day One. I don’t know about you but I am ready for that day of rest. Good night bubblepal, don’t wake me up tomorrow. I’m sleeping in. Okay, hugs. Nite.