8. Sabbath Shalom - Day 7 Saturday

This entry is part of a series on Creation week that began in early September.

Good morning! I feel great! Do you have any idea what time it is? I feel like I’ve been sleeping for a week. What a lovely day! Everything is in place, except us of course. Sun, moon, earth, fish, whales, trees, zebras, and dogs; life is on auto-pilot. I wonder what God is going to do on His day off? More importantly, what has He planned for tomorrow? Oh well, I suppose that as long as we are still here, He must want us to find out. Have you seen Adam or Eve yet? Oh yeah, I see them over there talking to each other, lots of hand motions. What language are they speaking…uh and how did they learn it? It sounds like the same language God was speaking when He made this planet. Don’t they look content, positively carefree?

So, what do you want to do today? I don’t think we should travel much. We need to stick near the dynamic duo here. Tell me a story. Okay, I’ll tell you one. Once upon a time, God made the world and Adam and Eve. He told them not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and they didn’t so they lived happily ever after. End of story. Boring? I suppose I wouldn’t mind not knowing ‘evil’ but I’d hate to not know ‘good’. What must that be like?

Hey, we just happen to be in a position to find out! Let’s take a close look at this world without human knowledge of good and evil. I don’t see anything unusual, do you? Do good and evil not exist here? Oh, you say no, you think that the people just aren’t aware of it. True because we know that the serpent is coming and we see all the beauty. Let’s think; all it said in the Book was that when they didn’t know good and evil they didn’t feel ashamed of their nakedness. What an odd thing. To be self conscious is evidence of knowing good and evil. Yeah, that makes sense. Self centeredness is the fountain of both good and evil, of shame and of hubris, especially of pride. Do you really think it is possible for a person to not feel like the center of their own world? The most stable and content people I know make others, even God Himself the central focus of their existence. They can’t be miserable or even angry because they don’t think too much about how they feel anyway! The sweet life of love, when beauty is found in ‘otherness’. Did I just make up a word?

Oh, why do we have to think so hard today. Come on let’s rest too. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. We may even have our bubble burst, who knows. Let’s try real hard not to think at all today. Let’s just only use eyes, ears, and noses, NO MINDS. Okay? Can you do that? Sing to me.