9. Sweet and Sour Dreams

This entry is part of a series on Creation Week that began in September. Read it and leap!

Wake up! Wake-up! Gee, are you going to sleep all day bubblepal? Can you hear me? Helooo, up and atem! Rise and shine! Yes, it’s still me and yes, we’re still in the bubble. What were you dreaming? You were sleeping so heavily, I thought you’d never wake up. I would have let you keep sleeping, but every time you turned, you would stretch and whack me! There’s only so much I can take. I don’t want to go home all black and blue, I’ll have enough to explain as it is. 

So what were you dreaming? I heard you calling for your mother; you sounded pretty frantic for a while there too. Did you feel me hugging you? Well I did, a lot! Because whenever I hugged you, you seemed to calm down. Are you okay now? Don’t remember a thing? Well, I suppose that’s just as well.

I had a really weird dream, wanna hear? Oh, everything is fine out there. I’ve been up for a little while and nothing unusual is happening yet. Come on, listen to my dream before I forget it. I dreamt that we were still in the bubble but we were floating way up over the earth so we couldn’t even see the earth any more. Everything was bright and warm, just like on Day 1. Suddenly our bubble popped, just like a soapy bubble without a sound. But we didn’t fall. We were so happy to be out of the bubble that we jumped up and down and sang real loud, and you hugged me so hard that I thought I would stop breathing. I looked up and around  and I could see that we were standing on a broad and very deep white marble step. I mean it was very deep, around 25 feet or 7 and ½ meters deep.  

Suddenly, animals appeared on the step. They were all white animals. There was a lamb, and a white hen, and a white horse, and a white dove. More and more white animals showed up until you said that you wanted us to go to the next step to get away from all the animals before they crushed us. The next step wasn’t too high up but you needed a lift and then you pulled me up. The second step had a few animals, still white ones but it seemed that they were the smarter animals that were the most compatible with people. There was a white dog and a white horse and a white monkey. When we first arrived on the second step it was empty but then some people appeared. They were very argumentative though. They were arguing with each other, and this one very small person tried to pick a fight with you. He said that you were lying about something, I don’t even remember what, but he was making you pretty angry. Then more and more arguing people showed up and we decided to go to the next step where we could get away from those lying hateful people.

It was very difficult to get up to the next step for two reasons. First it was so high that we couldn’t even boost each other up there and secondly, it was so bright that it was hard to see where to grab hold. But we didn’t have a choice. The only way that we could escape the war on the second step was to go up. You told me to talk to God with you about the problem. We then begged God to help us escape to the next step. We closed our eyes so we could concentrate, and then we held our ears real tight to block all the fighting-sounds going on. We tried several times to elevate ourselves by jumping with our eyes and ears shut but it didn’t work. We began to despair and hunkered down together, but that made a couple of guys come over and hit us. We knew, somehow that if we hit them back, we would be doomed forever to stay on the fighting step so we held hands, both of them so no one could separate us and we just crouched there and let them pound us and we didn’t talk, or yell and we kept our eyes closed. I think we prayed for them to feel less angry and we kind of played dead. After a while we suddenly found ourselves on the next step! It was like when we wake up in this bubble. I’m not sure how we got there. We were so very relieved and so happy that we thanked God and told Him that we would do anything He wanted.

This step was so much higher that we could barely hear the noise on the step below. But we could hear it, so we asked God to tell us what to do to help those people stop arguing. From our step they looked like they were in a deep fog so that each person was in his or her own dirty bubble-cloud and they couldn’t even really see each other, they could just yell at each other. God told us that their problem was that they were stuck between being too much like the animals and not enough like Him, so they were only able to see with their eyes, which was really like being blind because they didn’t have enough information by just using their eyes and lower physical minds.

You're not going to believe this. Wait a second it was a dream so there's nothing to believe. All of a sudden Plato walks over to us and introduces himself. And we can understand him! Then one by one all of these great intellectuals greet us too. They seem to want to know what you and me are doing on this step. We met Kant and Ludwig Wittgenstein, and even Thomas Jefferson was there. It was so cool! They were milling around, sitting at tables and talking to each other. I could hear a little of the conversations and it sounded fascinating. I wanted to join in but felt too awkward, like I would say something really dum. After some time went by all of the talking blended into one dull roar. The sound grew more and more dense and louder and louder. It was hurting my ears. It was hurting your ears too so you grabbed me and pulled me to the corner of the step. We hugged real tight and asked to be free of all the loud talk. Then a white cord appeared. I tied a big knot at the bottom and tried to climb up. It was very hard to do. I kept slipping, but I made it and so did you.

A quiet peaceful man in white greeted us on the next step. It seemed like he was waiting for us. He told us that this was a much quieter step and that we would enjoy it here. These people all try to keep quiet in case God wanted to speak to them. He explained that now we were more like pure souls than bodies and so it was easier to hear God guide us and talk to us. Only it wasn’t that easy to hear Him talk. More people showed up on this step, and we were actually glad to see them. They all seemed rather serene. God was not on this step, we could tell that, we couldn’t see Him, but we could hear Him talking to us from the higher step. The peaceful man in white was right, it was hard to hear God talk, but not impossible. God wasn't as loud as He had been all last week. I heard Him say to me, almost in a whisper, "We love, we are one."

You told me to look up and I did but the white marble wall was so high that we needed to be able to fly to get up to God’s step and we couldn’t fly. We still had bodies and we didn’t have wings. You know I think I dreamt that Adam and Eve were on our step and that they could go to the higher step if they wanted. Anyway, you and I were talking about how to get to the next step when that first man in white overheard us. He knew that we were newcomers so he told us that no way could we get there. That was the step of the spirits, souls who were completely willing to let go and blend with Godness. It could only be accessed by invitation. He said that sometimes people on this step would be invited for a short while but they almost always came back. He didn’t seem to be angry with us for trying to get there. He said that every soul/person on this step  wants to be on God's step. Sometimes there were gatherings, he said, of the people who had been there, some more than once and they tell us about it. He said that he would invite us to the next meeting, if we hadn’t fallen back to the lower step by then. That happens a lot. Then I was awoken by another one of your whacks and by you crying for your mother. Cool dream huh, I wonder what it means?

I feel great though, don’t you? Look, there’s the dynamic duo. What a lovely couple, they look so radiant and so happy. Look at how affectionately Eve is playing with those little puppies and lambs. Adam over there looks like he is taking his job pretty seriously, naming the animals and ordering them, a real zoologist at heart. The really interesting thing is how obedient the animals are to him. The first lady and the first man seem so wise next to all the animals and yet they are so innocent.

You know, I’m not quite sure, but I have a feeling that we have gone forward in time again. Maybe we slept for a year, or maybe a hundred years. Who knows? All I know is that Adam and Eve are still naked and happy, and we are still in this bubble waiting for a talking serpent to come on the scene.