No. 92 - Don't Miss!

92 Missed-Target.jpg

See, you have been made well! Do not sin anymore, so that nothing worse happens to you. John 5:14

And I thought all this time that we are studying and practicing like Olympic athletes to excel in this Archery of the Soul, so that we may qualify to live forever and ever on Revelation's new earth with Jesus Christ and all the happy holy children of God. To be admitted into that place of perfect government, without paralyzing liberal v. conservative conflict, where poverty and heinous crimes, and all manner of suffering are only bad but vague memories of an era gone by has certainly been worth everything I can give it.

But this Mark reminds me that Jesus said that the Kingdom of God lies within us, here and now. By living according to all The Mark commands and principles, by not sinning, our lives can foreshadow that glorious everlasting life.

The maladies of this world are the effects of sin, i.e. missing the Mark. Sin originates from and leads to evil. These commands teach us how to deal with the sins of this world and the natural tendency to sin within our beings. By becoming sharpshooters who can hit the Mark with willful skill and accuracy, we can achieve safety and security here and now.

This isn't pie in the sky! This is pie set before us, steaming with sweet lusciousness.

What I like most about the Marks is that they tell us exactly what sin is, no guessing. By contrast we know exactly what good is too.

This Mark is Jesus coaching us, "Don't miss."Olympic athletes