No. 93 - Help Wanted -Feet Washer


So if I, your Lord and Teacher, have wash your feet, you ought also to wash one another's feet.  John 13:14

Don't you hate having dirty feet?

Those peds way down there walk on this dusty dirty earth all day long and take-on dirt, and minuscule bugs and bacteria, especially in sandled summer. There's nothing as cleansing as a good pedicure, or at least a thorough scrubbing to make them happy feet.

I think dirty feet represent dark murky souls that soak in the world with all of its conflicts, cares, and crises, but in this Mark, Jesus just meant dirty feet.

 Frankly for me, the uncomfortable part of pedicures is the sense of master and servant relationship I get while sitting on the throne having my feet scrubbed. I look down at the person and think about how glad I am not to have his or her job while trying to think of something to say to equalize us.

For Jesus to get out the bucket and wash Peter's feet was outrageous. How could the son of God, healer and feeder of the multitudes, stoop so low as to become the humblest of servants? Was it like when He condescended for the incarnation, when as all powerful Spirit He chose to enter the human body with all its physical limitations and demands to come to earth, the devil's playground?

 In this Mark, Jesus commands us to be like Him in His lowliest, most humbling roles. He is our Lord whom we must obey and our teacher whom we must learn from. Mother Theresa and thousands of Christians like her devote their lives to shooting at this Mark daily.  It is that important. Perhaps the pedicure person has a clearer soul than I.

We are commanded to do whatever Jesus does. Whether we be Pope or king, pastor, priest or pauper, we are not better than our Lord and teacher Jesus Christ who literally washed His disciple’s feet. The servant of man is a better Servant of God.


Get out your bucket of warm soapy water, and brush.

Tap your spouse, sibling or child.

Ask him or her to sit while you crouch down low and start scrubbing.

Feel yourself growing inside.