No. 9 Be Luminous

9 Floor-Lamp-.jpg

[As you wouldn’t light a lamp and place it under a bushel basket, but on a lampstand to give light to all in the house]…let your light shine before others, so they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

If your marksmanship has improved, and you have internalized the commands and you are starting to evolve into a replica of Christ, by now you are probably glowing in the dark. Isn’t this fun?! 


  1. Obey the commands
  2. Change your way of thinking.
  3. Be patient and mild
  4. Hunger and thirst for righteousness
  5. Be merciful
  6. Be pure of heart
  7. Make and maintain peace
  8. Be peaceful during persecution
  9. Illuminate

John said that in Christ was life, and the life was the light of all people. Everyone shines life. To think like Christ and behave like Christ is to shine brightly; it is to teach, to heal and to feed and relieving suffering. These works are the manifestation of God’s light (in you) and should be on display to cause people to thank God and worship Him and love Him.

It is THE luminous circle of love! First God loves you and fills you with His light, then you use your light to love and help others, then they love and thank God too!

Illuminating is not a request. It is a command. It is one of the purposes of going through the kind of transformation that forces us to combat our nature (read: genes or ego). Turning into a flashlight, is not for your own good, so you can live happily ever after, or just look like a star. It is to expand the kingdom of God on this earth, one state of consciousness at a time. Joy.