No. 8 Take His Hits

8. hated.jpg

Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude you, revile you, and defame you on account of the Son of Man. Matthew 5:11, Luke 6:22

Hitting the Mark on this one in my opinion, in this day and age especially, would be nearly impossible. I wonder what form the blessing would come in while I was being shunned and hated. It is like saying that you won the Jackpot, you have liver cancer. How exactly is the blessing manifested? I suppose it says that if you are willing to take the hit for Christ, you are really standing in His sandals. He will be with you and reward you in unimaginable ways.  

Being hated for Christ is very different than simply being hated. It may not be on account of my Christianity that I am being persecuted but on account of my personality! Think about some loud and brassy televangelists. They were reviled even by Christians, not because they were preaching Christ. Who can hate a true Christ, someone who is kind and gentle, peaceful and merciful?

Finally, I think this Mark can’t be achieved because it depends on others. It is impossible to try to be hated while trying to love.  MAYBE there is a way. There are a few countries in this world where Christ is hated. One could plan a vacation there, and wear a big gold cross. If you happened to be killed, you could become an instant saint! Now that’s a blessing! Remember though, Christian martyrs do not commit suicide! Someone else has to kill you and you have to not want that to happen!

Lord, I’m sorry for making fun of this ‘beatitudinal’ command. You know I would take your hits and even die for you. I try every day to find ways to die to my ‘self’ for Your sake, so You won’t cringe if I wear a cross and act like a jerk. If it ever happens that I am persecuted and excluded for your sake, I promise not to buckle. What’s next?