No. 54 Stars in Heaven

54 children playing.jpg

Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs. Matthew 19:14, Mark 10:14

They call them rock stars, or Hollywood stars because they may as well be shining from a million miles away. They are unapproachable because they are widely beloved. A team of guards shields them from what could be a devastating stampede. The wall goes up to protect their privacy so it can be meted out judiciously to the worthy. They don’t need to be elected; they only need to be glorious.

Jesus Christ fell into the super-star category primarily because He healed. He showed His power over nature to demonstrate His relationship to the Creator of nature, and to fulfill His mission to restore mankind to its original healthy state, both physically and spiritually in relation to the Father. Jesus was a star who had to escape the crowds for all the same reasons.

 Unlike any other superstar, Jesus turned the world upside down and inside out over and over again by acting on the spirit of the law when the interpretation of the law had become corrupted by human egos. Exactly unlike a star, He made himself accessible to hungry masses, the infirm, lepers, an adulterer, a tax collector, and even to His own betrayer. He took admiration away from rulers and gave it to children.

Jesus said that His upside down, inside-out world where children rank high describes the kingdom of heaven, the place we aspire to live in. Childlike love, innocence, humility, joy are natural to this world where God the Father reigns supreme, and where each citizen is luminous, not because they were once mighty upon the earth, nor because they were shrewd and powerful, but because of the quality of their spirits.

Who would prevent a child from drawing near to Christ today?

“Not I!”, said Brer Rabbit.

“Nor I”, chimed in Peter Cottontail.

“Not me” shouts the little boy who lives down the lane.