No. 53 The Sticky and the Gone

53 angel-handtied-bouquet--flowers.jpg

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind (tie together) on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose (release) on earth will be loosed in heaven.  Matthew 18:18

 “Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades, Or loose the belt of Orion?” Job 38:31


To aim for and hit the Mark is to become like the Mark. With His commands Jesus tells us what He likes and what He is like. When we conform to His likeness, we appropriate not only His characteristics but His authority and privileges. We are gods.

The concept that we, His followers and aspiring immortals, form unions and associations that will endure forever is nothing short of magnificent, but it is not unlike all of the other great expectations Jesus had of us, such as to walk on water and heal the sick. I love my puppy, my parents, my pond, my art, my cherished friends, and my church. I have tied them to my life. With this Mark I am assured that we will be together forever.

Thank you God that those who have been mean to me, even hatred itself, and abortions, and arrogance, and rancor and bitterness, hostility and chaos, all that I push away in my daily life will be gone forever as a helium balloon to be dissolved in eternity, never to be seen again. Relief unimaginable!

So let us inspiring immortals bind wisely and loose wisely for these are the decisions that last.

After whispering this in your heart, I turned to Job, elbowed him and said, “Job, answer Him! Say: Yes, Lord, someday I will indeed be able to bind the cluster of Pleiades, and loose the belt of Orion, because your Son gave me the authority to do so. Thanks!