No. 35 The Narrow Gate


Enter [heaven] through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it. Matthew 7:13-14; Luke 13:24

There is no doubt that it can be tough and painful to scrape away at our ungodly characteristics.  But cut and scrape we must if we are to fit through the narrow gate that ushers us into the land of immortality where we will live happily ever after with Jesus Christ visibly among us, where our new bodies will be healthier and stronger than ever.

We won’t pass through this narrow entrance to the holy land on our way to the county fair or to the football game. We won’t be able to drive to it in our mini or on a motorcycle.  It cannot even be found in our cathedrals and churches. Aspiring immortals take heed; the most mystical minuscule of gates is at the end of an unpaved bumpy road in a deep dark forest.

I suppose all of us on Route 66 depend on God's infinite mercy, and Communion to help us to find and enter this golden gate. This mark forces us to ask ourselves if this assumption is too presumptuous and too risky. What kind of father allows his children to repeatedly disregard his rules? Would heaven be comprised of rebellious rascals, the kind whose glory saturates this war torn earth? 

This mark is like the others that separate us from humanity in order to divinize us. Aspiring immortal: Dare to be different. You are on the road less travelled where the only other person you may see all day is hobbling an hundred yards ahead. If you are lonely; if you struggle to keep upright; if you are weary; you are probably on the right path.

This is the clue; this mark is hard to spot, and harder to hit.