No. 34 The Golden Mark

34 catch the bullet.jpg

In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets. [Love your neighbor as yourself.] Matthew 7:12, Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31

The Golden Rule sears a supernatural life-giving cross onto our souls to mark us as gods.  It is the pride-buster. 

God knows how easy it is to love an invisible all-powerful Being that we imagine adores us with all our flaws and can grant our wishes. No wonder the heathen think we are deluded. Our relationship with God is only the vertical bar of this cross. It stands straight and tall like a white marble obelisk glimmering in the sunshine. Yet, it is not our love of God or His for us alone that will immortalize us, but rather our ability to reflect God to others.

Nature makes us do things like: go to the bathroom, scream at sharp pain, cry over deceased loved ones, hate an enemy, and die.  To become immortal we must overcome human nature.

This mark commands us to exercise power over human nature; to bless and be kind to others when they are being rude, arrogant, or hostile; to dismiss their blatant lies, their ingratitude and undeserved rancor, just like God often does. Catch the bullet and set it down.

In this way we bring the invisible God into focus for the heathen, and we are reminded of His forbearance towards us when we miss the mark.

Stepping outside the borders of what comes naturally is difficult, but it has its perks. After all, have you ever seen a dog or even a well-trained monkey heal the sick and multiply loaves?

This mark commands aspiring immortals to practice bestowing amazing grace daily.

Love is odd.