No. 20. Actors Need Not Apply

20 sadclown.jpg

“Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven.” Matthew 6:1

The author of Reality is as entertained by literature and theater as you and I. But beware! We venture out into the danger-zone when we mix theater with reality, that is when we lie or when we only pretend to pray, or when we perform acts of kindness in order to be seen by others. God the Father strictly guards Reality.

The most intimate relationship each of us has is with our Father who art in heaven. He lives in our hearts and hears our every thought and word. He watches over our every move, and guides us through our conscience. Married or single, a person cannot have a more real and intimate relationship, no matter how popular (s)he may be.

Intimacy is one to one; nothing more, nothing less, nothing else, never. A crowd of people worshipping God together looks like a gaggle of balloons each connected by its own string in God’s hand. The mass or liturgy may unify our voices and minds, but as harmonious as it is, the liturgical prayer is still one to one. God created us as individuals; He loves us and cares for us …one by one.

To practice piety before others to be seen by them is pornographic. No, it’s worse; it is like abusing your lover by inviting others to watch your most intimate moments.

I wonder if some people who do this don’t realize how offensive their act is to God. I wonder if they simply do not know about the exquisite beauty of the pure relationship with God the Father. How sad.

For this command, the Mark is invisible to everyone but you.