No. 21 Sweet Perfection

21 David.jpg

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

I hear the crowd echo the refrain over and over again, “You are only human. Nobody is perfect.” Deeper and deeper is the message pounded into the psyche. Each time lowering centimeter by centimeter our standard, our value, our image; suppressing our potential. “Keep humanity down!” demands the demon superintendent.

Humanity turns upon its earth spiraling slowly into oblivion, unaware of the mission to illuminate the universe, unaware of the demonic determination to dominate.

One bright clear morning, the cool air spreading the aroma of fig leaves throughout the crowd, the Son of Man commanded perfection as if it is possible.

The command to be perfect simply reminds us to aim for the Mark, the bull’s eye, the target.

Without perfection there is contamination. There is no middle ground; no cozy gray corner to hide in while waiting for God’s magic wand to make us instantly perfect. That’s not reality, that’s the fairy tale. The truth is God wants us to choose either life or death with our whole being, His way or the damned highway.

We are perfectionists when it comes to wanting perfect health. A cut finger, a sore tooth, any small defect throws us off, even though it is only one malfunction out of thousands of operations that occur in the body. Physical perfection matters for us, and our Being matters for the Father.

Jesus did not tell us to try to be perfect. He told us to Be Perfect.

The Mark defines perfection. Ready. Aim. Fire! Hitting the target is possible! He told me so. He showed me so!

Perfection defies demons and annihilates evil.

Perfection opens the door to immortality.