4. Secret Humble Pie Filling– Step Three

Reminder – this whole Humble Pie recipe started with my love (pity) for hypocrites and my fear that I may be one. The problem with being a hypocrite is not even knowing it. That’s scary because when all of the immortals are squeezing through the narrow gate into the land of immortality (home sweet home) to their surprise the hypocrites will be too big to get through and they will have to die after all like the mortals. Humble pie is anti-hypocrite food. An immortal that eats humble pie regularly never has to worry about being a hypocrite in disguise.

When my Boss sent me to France to meet the humble pie chef I thought I had taken my tongue to Disney World while my body was just going along for the ride. Morning, noon, and night that tongue was experiencing one delightful flavor after another: wine, cheese, pastries, even sweetbreads if you know what they are. Then came the humble pie lesson. Let me tell you here and now, no one eats humble pie for the fun of it. If humble pie wasn’t so effective in shrinking me smaller than Alice in Wonderland I wouldn’t have anything to do with it. The reason that humble pie tastes so bad is the secret ingredients.

Some pies, such as Greek spanakopita, have lots and lots of wonderful ingredients: creamy feta cheese, spinach, dill, mint, onions, and eggs; it just goes on and on. Other pies like peach pie just have peaches, sugar and maybe a pinch or two of spice. Humble pie recipes can go either way. Some immortals make humble pie with lots of ingredients, others with just the basics. Because I’m just a beginner pie chef I was only given the most basic recipe to pass on to you.

To make the pie filling first get the ingredients out. Like a TV chef I pour the ingredients into separate little bowls.

1 cup Obedience – Each immortal is given a few people to whom they must demonstrate the ability to be obedient. Obedience helps you shrink like Jesus like when He went to the Cross even though He absolutely did not want to go. Obedience is good for killing poisonous pride particles. Sometimes obedience is very bitter, but it is healthful.

1 cup Resilience – take abuse. Mean and rude people help you shrink. That’s good. Peace.

2 cups Trust – I was surprised to see this ingredient in the humble pie, but there it was. Trusting God when the eyes are giving a different message actually sweetens the humble pie... a bit.

  1. Pour trust into a large heart shaped bowl, whip until it gets big and frothy.
  2. Gently fold in the obedience and mix. Stop before reducing the plume of the trust.
  3. Sprinkle the salt of resilience on top. Do not mix, it will slowly dissolve.

I told you humble pie wasn’t delicious. I think my Boss sent me to France to soften the blow on my tongue. Now I have to go on a big boat to another part of the world to find out how to bake the pie and how to eat it without throwing up. (He knows I get seasick.) Stay tuned. I’ll be back in about a week.