5. Why to Bake an Award Winning Humble Pie

I’m back from the boat ride where I thought I would be tossed around trying to hold down my food and from that experience I would be able to tell you how to digest humble pie. But I never got seasick because the ride was so smooth. This was not the first time that I thought I knew what I was about to learn and was wrong. The element of surprise is probably why I like this job so much. Instead, I was taught that aspiring immortals who get sick the most when eating humble pie are the impatient pie makers and those who try to eat raw humble pie.

First I learned that eating humble pie slowly one bite at a time with plenty of time between bitter morsels helps the digestion process. Patience is not an ingredient in humble pie, but probably should be if the pie maker, like me, isn’t naturally a patient person. The other important lesson is to never, under any circumstances eat a humble pie before it is fully baked.

There are some pies such as strawberry chiffon or some bake-less cheesecakes that don’t require the transforming power of 400 degrees to make them what they are intended to be. But that’s not humble pie. A raw humble pie, even with the awareness-of-truth crust and the rich filling of obedience, trust, and resilience is as raw chicken pot pie before it is baked. Please don’t try to eat a raw humble pie. If you do, all the patience in the world won’t keep you from vomiting it right back out and then you won’t receive the benefit of its nutrients.

What I saw on the boat that I could have never seen anywhere else, which is why I suppose the Boss sent me to that part of the watery world, was how very devastating pride can be and therefore the golden value of humble pie as an antidote. I have read that pride is poisonous, but I could never before understand why. In the course of learning about humble pie- making I am slowly coming to realize why immortals throughout history have warned us about the deadliness of pride. In fact, as soon as I finish making this pie I will tell you what the Boss wants me to write about pride and oxygen. For now, let's get this pie in the oven.

The transforming power of heat for a humble pie takes it from the kitchen counter of the mind like knowing the difference between right and wrong and places it safely in the oven of the heart where the transformation from a mortal to a true immortal occurs. Humble pie that never goes into the oven of the heart remains raw, indigestible, ineffective. Tomorrow I’ll give you the details about baking because now I have to go to my other world and you need time to think about what I’ve already written.