2. How to Make Humble Pie – Step One

Humble pie helps prevent hypocrisy which is deadly for aspiring immortals. Eat it daily and live forever.

Humble Pie is one of those really extravagant recipes with many steps. I am being given this recipe incrementally and will pass on to you what I am told.

First of all, it is impossible to make Humble Pie in your own kitchen. The comfort zone of your kitchen is like the comfort zone of your ego. Humble Pie curdles easily. The conditions for its preparation must be just right.

Poverty, illness, conflict, new job, strange surroundings, fear: all of these situations create excellent environments for making humble pie. If you woke up this morning and everything around you is either strange or uncomfortable…excellent! It’s time to start making Humble Pie!

When God decided to shrink into the form of a human being to come to live on earth in Jesus Christ, God left his comfort zone. Immortals try to act like God, the only true immortal we know.

Step one- leave your ego, leave your kitchen behind.

Postscript: I am on my way to France where I hope to be given the next step of the recipe in the place where the world’s greatest chefs reside. I know France is not where someone thinks to go to look for humility, but for some reason, my Boss is sending me there. Not sure if I can post while on the road. Will be back in a week.