1. Deluded and Don't Even Know It

If someone who reads my blog comes up to you today and asks you if you are a hypocrite because he or she wants to give you a big hug from evangelinehopkins, the answer you should give him or her is "I don’t know; I hope not, but hug me just in case."

Sure, there are some truly evil people masquerading as goody two-shoes. I suppose they don’t even really believe that there will be a Judgment Day. But most hypocrites are not actors; most hypocrites truly don’t even know that they are hypocrites. It could be you. It could be me!

When Jesus Christ was sitting at Salvador Dali’s big Last Supper table pointing to God with the sun setting behind Him and He announced that someone there was going to betray Him, each of His best friends said, “Is it me?” That’s pretty funny. Wouldn’t a guy, even after a few glasses of wine, know if he was about to stab his best friend in the back? Actually, those men realized how easy it is to be self-deluded.

That’s the really scary thing about being an aspiring immortal. It is so easy to think all is well with our souls when it's not, and such a very long time will go by before we can find out for sure, and worse yet, when we find out, it will be too late! Now, if that isn’t scarier than Matrix, I don’t know what is.

I hear that eating humble pie prevents hypocrisy like eating broccoli prevents cancer. They call it a pie but it’s more like spinach pie than apple pie because it’s not very sweet. Yet, the more I am willing to eat it and the more I look for signs that I am walking backwards (eyes looking one way while feet are going the other way), the less likely that I am heading in the wrong direction.

Watch this space for favorite humble pie recipes.