My Epiphany

As the Son of Man I have had to learn patience. I must wait for signs from my Father to act. These last years have travelled slowly through my soul. Day after hour-filled day of observing human life form stacks of multicolored lumens, bright pink joys, purple prayers, green labors, red sorrows. How difficult is has been to look upon the ill and not to cure them. Time forbid; slow ripening grievous cruel Time. The gymnasium of life strengthened me and taught me what I must know for this day of my theophany.


Brother John, servant of my Father, how well you have gathered the flock. How did you attract sinners like moths to a flame who shunned the synagogue with their hearts if not their bodies but rushed to your deadly life-renewing waters*?


Today I too will surrender my body to the deadly water of life that these years of waiting and maturing may disappear into the Past.


Receive me deadly water. Freely do I give you my impatience, my anonymity. Let This Body fall into your grip, that My Spirit may catapult me into the life for which I was born. I am ready.


Look at the crowds. No longer do they argue; no longer does the one seek power or prestige over the other. Glorious day that my eyes see such widespread humility-acceptance of their inability to trust the Father, to let Him invoke good in their lives, to relinquish vanity. Certainly fear delivered them to these waters; Brother Fear, guide My People home.


Father, keep them in your care when they emerge from the waters of death- to-self. Let them forever be mindful of this moment of new birth.


Give them to Me. I will teach them and heal them and cover them with my wings like a hen gathers her chicks.


John, receive Me as one of the people; don’t forbid this body. Did they hear my Father speak? Of course this holy herd, this humble repentant heard of lambs heard my Father introduce Me. Oh Lord, am I ready for this moment for which I have so long prepared? I must speak with you. Wait for me in the desert.


*Note: Water is an agent of cleaning because it ‘kills’ the filth and delivers purity. Water is an agent of death in drowning, water is a life giver and life sustainer.