Christmas Goodies

Are you enjoying the buttery-sweet delights of the season? Now, please take a moment to gobble up this delicious morsel of Christmas food for thought.

The Christmas miracle is that a young virgin became pregnant and birthed the Son of God. That is hard to believe. After all, what creative teenage girl would not want to come up with an excuse like that? Yet, as creative as any girl can be, God is a much more original thinker.

By giving the Virgin Mary a spiritual chromosome so real that it could unite with her own, God not only created His own fleshly Son, He created the prototype for all children of God. Think about it. Every child of God has had a similar conception. Every time a person is baptized, the physical mother Church links with the invisible Holy Spirit of God the Father and poof, a brand new person is conceived!

Yes, baptism is a reenactment of Easter when we die with Christ but it is also when we are born as He was too! An immortal Christian is born like Jesus, lives like Him and never dies like Him. The virgin birth is really not so hard to believe; it happens every time a person is baptized. The Christmas miracle is not only true; it is repeated in each and every potentially immortal child of God. See Christmas; think about your own virgin birth. Celebrate.