Immortals Beware: Christmas is Coming!

Immortals love Christmastime. It’s hard not to be deliriously happy that Jesus Christ was born. Without this birth we would still be bouncing around the planet aimlessly, working and sleeping, playing and fighting like pinballs trying to hit little goals for imaginary wealth.

The birth of Jesus is a birth of brilliant potential. He looks like a baby, probably cries and sleeps like one too but we know that this helpless living doll will demonstrate what God made humanity to be like. God made human beings to dominate nature, to be compassionate, to love Him and to trust Him implicitly. God made human beings to be like Himself! God made Adam immortal, and a few thousand years or so later, God made Jesus immortal. When that Christmas baby grows up, he will not only show his friends and neighbors how to be the kind of guy that makes God proud of humanity, he will give humans all the help they need to become immortal too.

See the baby, know his mission; celebrate. Remember yourself as a baby or as a little child, then see yourself as one of God’s chosen persons living with Him on the new earth. Think ahead, look back…don’t get dizzy.

Little baby Jesus grows up to usher human beings, one at a time, to the land of immortality. Celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth is celebrating the man who trusted God better than Adam did. He helps the children of men to know and to love the unknowable Creator of our planet and of our universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Ishmael and Muhammad, the one God of Plato and Socrates. Peace, we share loving the multi-faceted God. In unison let’s give three cheers for that baby!

Immortals beware; Mr. Grinch and Mr. Scrooge want to steal your joy! They want you to feel stressed and to give grudgingly. They want you to cower in the face of a kind of multiculturalism that erases Christ from Christmas, and then erases Christmas. At this beginning of the dawn of Christmastime, get centered, think about the best way that you can give and receive joy. Do no more, and no less. Plan a joyous season to receive one. Christmas is the buzzword for being unabashedly brave about trusting God. Say it as often as you can. It makes the baby giggle.