Lenten Letter to my Children and Godchildren

Dearest Young Adults of Mine by birth or baptism,

Monday, March 11th starts the 40 day period of Great Lent (which is followed by Holy Week in our Church) and culminates at Pascha (a.k.a. Easter).

Whether God plays a big role in your conscious life, or a tiny role, or no role at all, I’m writing to suggest that you exploit the spirituality of this season. Borrow Lent.

I have noticed that during the weeks before Easter and Passover when so many people on the planet are praying more, fasting, reading Scripture and attending worship services there is a unique and powerful condition in the world.

Scientists have a field theory that can explain this. Quantum physics says that atoms relate to each other and that the field that surrounds the atoms are equally influential in how the atoms behave. Social scientists have applied this theory to humans. Individuals emit energy that affect each other and are influenced by the fields between us. Think of the times when “there is war in the air” or “there is celebration in the air”. Think of how some people offend you without even speaking to them, or you are drawn to them. People emit their energy. During the next few weeks, there is intense spirituality in the air. I suggest that you Ride the wave instead of ignoring it. There is something valuable to be gained by the experience.

If your thoughts are ever able to pass through the interferences of this world brought on by all the distractions and conflicts in it, to reach the ears of God, whether or not you believe there is a God, or that this God cares about you, then the likelihood is exponentially greater now. Try it! Test it! 

Talk to God. Silently or aloud, or in writing.

Say anything you want to say.

Ask questions.

Challenge Him.

Challenge yourself and your own personal theory of God.

Make a wish (actually the word prayer is literally translated from Greek as Pro Blessing. Before the blessing, comes the wish, or request, or need. Simply put, a prayer is a wish.)

If you EVER want to access God, do it during Lent to maximize the chance of your success. The conditions are most favorable. 

Let me tell you, on the day after Easter, it’s like all the helium has seeped out of the balloon. (I hate that, happens every year. Just giving you the heads up.)

 Meanwhile, as your mom, I will be doing all I can to make sure your efforts big or small, or even tiny receive God’s attention. I am your lobbyist! 😘😉😇

 Suggested activities:

 •     Read the Bible, just one psalm a day or a week, or work your way through one gospel, either John the most spiritual one, or Mark (the first written and the basis for Matthew and Luke). Unlike any other book, the Bible is a living document, like wine is the only living beverage.

 •     Fast. I can’t easily tell you why, but there is a correlation between eating and spirituality. Fasting is a catalyst. The fasting spectrum is wide, from denying  yourself one thing, meat on Friday, to the full Orthodox fast which is no animal products until Easter, except crustaceans for their lack of blood.

 •     Church. There are many services during the week as well as Sunday. Participation, not at first because you won’t be ready, but towards the end, you may find to be a powerful experience.

 •     Listen. Listen to God speak to you in your heart, for answers to your questions or to your comments.

 Καλή Σαρακοστή - good 40 days.

 See you on the other side! I plan to host an Easter Feast. April 28, 3 pm. Will confirm with an invitation later.


Mom, nouna, Lynn