Preface to Lent

This year I feel as if I am climbing into Lent. I am scaling a bare rocky mountain with heavy boots over muddy feet. I am desperate for the clean thin air at the top. I hope to find a cave along the way where I can rest in darkness and wait for the Holy Spirit to visit me with His wisdom. Please Lord, I beg you to remove these boots and purify my polluted soul.

Forty days Noah and his family sat in the ark waiting for God to cleanse the world with rain and death. Will Lent be that way for me? Will prayer and fasting clean my muddy feet?

For forty years the people of God journeyed away from their life of slavery to reach the promise land. During that journey they confronted hunger and fear, miracles and apostasy. Most of them died along the way because their lack of faith and humility disqualified them from receiving God's gift of freedom. Will I make it to freedom of sin and my own death, or will my failure cause me to perish along the way?

Lord, help me climb to the top of Sinai and Tabor too. I want to hear your instructions, and rest in your light, away from the chaos and faithlessness of the world below. My dangling foot is searching Your hand. I need a boost. My slippery hands are clinging to this rock. 'Evangeline, "Don't look down."