15. November 21. Presentation of Mary at the Temple

As Pineal and I were leaving Manolis' house a strong sensation of falling hit me. I lost control of my ability to fly and could not see where I was going. There was nothing to do but to fight fear, try to relax, and let it happen.

When the sensation stopped I found myself in a hot and dusty world surrounded by a flurry of angels and people in ornate gowns rushing to and fro. This journey reminded me of when I first left heaven to fly to the planet earth. But then I knew where I was going.

"Not really'." said Fabian, a very tall and distinguished looking angel who had come close enough to read my mind. "When you came to the Bride's mystical year, you could have first landed here instead of the 21st century Washington, DC. Remember, the Bride's year is a compilation of time and place. You are wrong when you say it is timeless for it contains a finite series of events that occur within one year. If one were fixed to the spiral, which the Bride is NOT, it would appear that it is not the same year, but for the Bride of Christ, the events are synchronic, meaningful and purposeful, all for the glory of God."

"Where am I and why?"

Fabian replied, "You are still in the Bride's mystical flat year. The reason for falling the way you did was not to leave time, because you are still in the present, but to leave place. You see the deception is that you must leave time and place together. What so many people fail to understand is that for God, every action, like every word has meaning and therefore power. As the Author and Finisher of life God concerns Himself with themes and plots and foreshadowing.

Come and see what I am talking about. Look over there."

Before us were two couples, and two small children, a girl and a boy. The two families were talking and laughing. The young children, no more than 3 years old, were running around playing tag in the sunshine.

"Are these people of any consequence?" I asked.

"See those children? That little girl will become the most important woman to have every lived. And the little boy is not far behind her."

"Tag! You're it!" the little boy cried laughing and easily outrunning the girl.

Fabian smiled and continued, "Although they lived centuries apart Samuel, the prophet, and Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ have much in common. Study the thread that binds them to be amazed at God's authorship."

Just then little Mary ran behind Fabian, and said, "hide me!" Fabian turned to her and replied, "Sweet heart, how can I hide you when most people don't even see me?"

"Oh but Samuel can see you! And that's what counts! Now don't say anything!"

Fabian gave her little shoulders a squeeze and went on.

"Like many others, both Samuel and Mary were conceived in faith. But unlike them, their two mothers Hannah and Anna were willing to turn their most precious and beloved children, their gifts, back to The Lord by having them raised in the Temple by priests and nuns."

I remarked, "How difficult it must have been!" I said, thinking of how much I miss and grieve over the days before Creation. But I had no choice, to voluntarily separate from a precious love, especially a child who could not understand the meaning of the separation, and who loves his or her mother with all their hearts; this I could not fathom."

Fabian responded, "These children from this tender young age were enveloped in the love and worship of the one true God. Their mothers and fathers could come to visit from time to time, but you are correct to say that giving them up was difficult. For I was the angel sent to convince Hannah, and then Anna to let their children go."

"Yikes, thank God I didn't have an assignment like that!"

"It was hard, but I had to keep my eye focused on the big picture and show that to them. God needed a pure vessel to pour into with His Spirit, such as Samuel who annointed Saul and David the first kings of Israel, and of course Mary, to become the pure holy vessel for His incarnation.

"Come children, it is time to go!" shouted Elkanah, Samuel's father. "Come Samuel, we must go with Mary to her new home. Come on Mary, I see you hiding behind that angel, now let's go!"

Joachim and Anna approached Elkanah, and then Joachim said, "I can't thank you enough for coming and bringing young Samuel today. You all have made this day so much more bearable than we anticipated it to be."

Hannah gave Anna a hug and said, "Anna, we know how difficult it was to part. But we also know that the service our child gave to God was worth one hundred times the pain of separation.

Besides, added Elkanah, it is our honor to serve the Mother of God in any way we can.

Hannah added, "she is such a beautiful little girl, so full of grace!"