32. Triodion Two - Lent Begins

32. Triodion Phase Two - Lent Begins

As we headed into the wilderness Jesus said to me, "Poppy wants me to keep you close during Lent. I have gotten some unfavorable reports on you angel. Why is your attitude so bitter and sarcastic? Don't you realize how much you harm yourself by looking through those mirky lenses?"

"If I can be honest with you Sir, I don't feel any harm at all. I am just being myself. I thought that Poppy assigned me to a human for Lent. She lied; You aren't really human."

Seeing how difficult this journey with a recalcitrant angel was going to be, Jesus replied, "You have known Me forever. Before the world was recreated we flew through the heavens together, so I will forgive you for saying I am not human. But remember that you also witnessed My very human birth. I don't expect you, a bodiless angel, to understand. That's why you must stay near me throughout the journey, or the cocoon as Poppy calls it. You will soon see what it means for a soul to be burdened with a body."

Jesus and I moved quietly side by side for a long while; each of us immersed in our own thoughts. I wondered what a body could do for me, if I had one. The wilderness grew darker and darker.

When we entered a clear illuminated patch, I decided that it was safe to break the silence and said, "Lord, what is a soul; do I have one?"

Jesus responded,"No, you don't have a soul, but exactly like humans, you ARE a soul. When We formed humans, We blew the spirit of life, souls, into them. We used you angels as models. Each infant born is like an angel given a body."

I think Jesus said that to help me identify with humans, and it did, a little. I wondered, but didn't dare ask, for fear of ridicule, if someday I too could be born into a body. In an attempt to show Jesus that I had learned a thing or two about being human, I said, "Lord, since you are so human, do you want to stop first to get a satchel of food for the journey?"

Jesus replied, "Now I will confuse you." and He grinned large and bright. "The answer is 'no'. It is not because I don't need food; I love to eat, but mastering My appetite strengthens me. I will need as much strength as I can muster in the days to come."

"Is there something in this wilderness that we are going to find?" I asked.

Jesus replied, "Our mission to is travel beyond the wilderness to Eden to reach The Tree of Life. This Tree will restore immortality to humankind, but it is being guarded by twirling swords and flames that we must first break through.

My Bride and Our children will go with us. Like warriors training for battle, we will strengthen our individual wills to conform to the will of God by limiting what we eat. My Bride has told Her children not to eat anything during this 40 day journey that contains the blood of an animal, neither meat, nor any product of a creature with blood, even milk or eggs, for in the blood is life. She teaches Our children to forsake animal life in order to gain eternal spiritual life and someday, a new immortal body.

Our mission is dangerous because the world with its array of demons will try hard to stop us. Just as the devil, by cunning robbed Adam and Eve of immortality, he will do everything in his power to keep us from reaching the Tree of Life.

Our will shall be tested every day of this journey. Every day we must decide whether to indulge the body, or strengthen the spirit. We must fight temptation, and pleasure seeking. Just as a soldier cannot battle the enemy if (s)he is looking for pleasure and comfort, so we too cannot battle the enemy of God and His people if we succumb to the appetites of the flesh."

When Jesus finally paused, I interjected, "Lord, I don't have a body, remember? Besides, satan and his angels never bother me, let's just leave them alone. I can fly over the flames to reach the Tree for You."

Jesus responded, "I am sorry to tell you this angel, but satan doesn't care about you; he is after the precious children of God. He will do everything he can to keep HUMANS from reaching the Tree of Life. I am the only one who can do this, but I need your help. Adam and Eve are counting on us. When my flesh becomes weak, I will need you to minister to Me. Buck up."

I replied enthusiastically, "What You need Lord is the Archangel Michael to come on this journey. He is the warrior angel, not me. I just like to fly. I have never been trained for battle."

"Thank you, I have thought of that. Michael will join us, but My Bride needs you, and I need you. Like Michael, My Bride is militant and the Lenten season is her favorite battleground. You have come to earth to learn of the Bride's year. This is the battle season. Aren't you the angel who followed me after my baptism and wanted to accompany me into the wilderness? I thought this was your idea."

I replied meekly, "Yes, that was me, Sir. Do I still have a choice?"

Jesus said, "Not unless you would rather go over to the dark side. That may seem easier for now, but I warn you that ultimately satan and his angels will lose everything and be forever condemned." Then He added to scare me, "Remember that fire experience? You won't have Daniel to extinguish the flames for you next time."

In my typically sassy manner I responded, "I already have immortality, why do I need to reach the Tree of Life?"

Jesus answered, "The death of a soul is much more catastrophic than the death of a body. A dead angel is most horrifying. Adam and Eve are depending on Me, on Us, and I need you to fight with me and for me, do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I said, not quite sure that I wanted to be trained to fight, neither evil spirits nor myself.