23. January 17th. Saint Anthony Prologue

As I was trying to follow Jesus into the wilderness to protect Him, He turned to me and said, "Don't follow me now. It is okay. I am actually not going straight into the wilderness. You know My Bride, how She plays with time. The Bible says I go straight into the wilderness, but She wants me to wait until Lent which is several weeks away; then you can try to protect me."

"What is Lent, my Lord?" I said. "How will I know when to return and where to find You? You know I lost you in Egypt. Where did You go? Where are You going now?"

Jesus replied with no answer at all by saying, "Meanwhile, I want you to visit Saint Anthony of Egypt. He has much to teach you about My perspective, and that of My Bride, about time and matter. You have so much to learn. Saint Athanasius will guide you to Saint Anthony. Now go!"

"Lord!" I exclaimed, astonished at the instant change in direction; then trying as hard as I could to calmly adjust I added, "Where do I find these men?"

While walking away, Jesus added, "360 AD Alexandria, Egypt. You remember Egypt, don't you? It's where you took off on your flying escapades and abandoned Me and My Mother." And with that Jesus tossed a manuscript over His shoulder at me and then disappeared again.

I picked it up. It was called, Life of Anthony by Athanasius of Alexandria. It was in Greek. Fortunately my Greek translator was still operational. Before attempting any time or place travel, I curled up in a strato-cumulus cloud and began reading the manuscript. (Βιβλίο)