2. September 8th - The Birth of Ever Virgin Mary, Mother of God

"Lord, didn't I tell you that those material gods would be more trouble than they are worth to you? Now you not only have them stuck in time like a pair of feet fixed in cement, they are hardened in matter too! How can you call this companionship. It's pathetic! It is atrocious!"

God patiently listened to my tirade, (Gentleman that He is) and told me that I was too impatient.

"Impatient!" I retorted indignantly, "We have had to watch this rotation of light and darkness so many times that we are getting nauseous! One OR the other, I say!" Taking it upon myself to speak for the entire host of angelic spirits I added, "I prefer the darkness, the way things used to be, but if you must choose light, then go ahead and choose it!

Please Lord, I beg of you to make up your mind! We detest this thing called time. And besides, don't you see what it is doing to your little gods? They shrivel up until they can live no more. Time kills them slowly but surely! This doesn't make sense to me Lord. I don't want to gloat, but I would say that you should admit defeat, burn it all off and let's go back to the way life was before this project of yours. Please?"

God has a better friend than me. His name is Gabriel. Gabriel is smarter than me and more patient. That's why he always gets the better jobs.

Gabriel wafted himself over to me and in the regal style of an archangel filled my space with sparkles and the heavenly aroma of stardust to wash me with delightful sensations and thus to curb my frustration.

"What are you so happy about?" I retorted, trying hard to cling to my anger.

"My foolish friend, can't you see what joys lie before us? Are you so enamored by the darkness that you failed to notice Anna and Joachim swelling with child and joy over the impending birth to the Queen of queens on the eighth day of the new year? Anna will soon give birth to the Mother of God! Can you forget yourself for a moment to imagine what this means to Him?"

"What is going on?" I exclaimed, "Tell me!"

Gabriel pulsated with glee as He explained the next, most important phase of creation when God becomes a human too. I simply could not believe that our God would entertain such a foolish notion. This was the limit! What could I do? I would never go over to Lucifer's camp because unlike Lucifer, I was devoted to my God and yet I was perturbed with Him. To create these troublesome miniature gods was one thing, but to enter one was the most insane ridiculous idea imaginable.

Gabriel went on, "My dear friend, indeed you are stuck between two false worlds. The dark old days that you long for and can only live in your imagination, and a skepticism that skews your ability to see the amazing plan God is carrying out.

"Nothing less than the re-creation of the world is about to begin! This new year marks the beginning of the end of time*. This should make you jump for joy."

If an angel could fall on its face, I would have. Instead I patiently waited for the enormity of Gabriel's remarks to penetrate.

A new creation, within the creation that will overcome time...mmmmmm? How is this possible? What magic will God conjure up to superimpose timelessness upon the light and dark, day and night rhythm of time? How will God, the King and Master of spirits pour Himself into human form? Why did Gabriel stand amazed at the concept of the eighth day birth of the infant Mother of God?

There was so much to process that I wanted not to think any more, and frankly, I didn't want to feel anymore either, neither jealously nor frustration. It was time to rest and fly.

I suddenly awoke to hear shrill birth pangs that echoed throughout the universe. Angels, archangels, and all the heavenly hosts had gathered to watch with God and so I went as well to be present at the birth.

I still did not understand how this infant could annihilate time, but I took Gabriel's word for it, and gradually fell in love with this newborn infant girl all the more.

On the 8th day after New Years we (Orthodox) celebrate the birth of the Mother of God, who is the first fruit of the New Creation, as reflected in the New Covenant between humanity and God.

The 8th day is also known by the Church as the day of Resurrection. God created the world in 6 days. And on the 7th day He rested. On the 7th day (Sabbath) Jesus also rested, before His 8th day resurrection.

The eighth day is also the day when infant Jewish boys are circumsized to mark themselves as participants in the covenant between God and Abraham.

*From the moment of the birth of the Virgin Mary, major events of Christianity that once occurred in time will start to be gathered into a Holy Year that is outside of time. Orthodox do not commemorate the events, we re-live them. For example, Easter actually occurs every Sunday; when an infant is baptized it actually dies with Christ on the cross. In this way, the Church, which is the Bride of Christ, gathers unto herself a unique year that resides outside of the daily progressive rhythm of time.