Holy Darkness

I surprised myself last week when I wrote about anger, the exclusivity of discipleship, and the value of suffering. That’s because I would much rather sing happy songs and laugh in the sunshine. Then I looked around and noticed that the whole world is a little darker now that summer has passed. That must explain it I thought; I am just responding to my environment. The days are getting shorter; the leaves on the trees are beginning to bid their dazzling red and yellow farewells; darkness is encroaching upon our lives.

 The reason I don’t like darkness as a rule, is because it hides things: truth, and knowledge for instance. In the darkness of ignorance emotions take charge and deceit grows strong and mighty.

If darkness wasn’t so objectionable then why would God create light before anything else, even the sun?

Because our future home is a place of continual light, from which all sickness, sorrow and sadness have fled away, I am sure that holy darkness: the mysteries surrounding God and His ways, suffering, and righteous anger, among other things are not meant to be dwelling places of humankind. Let’s look and experience but never dwell in darkness; it is too dangerous. I suppose the best way to deal with darkness is to run from it whenever we see it coming after us, and when it catches us, like Christ, let’s make sure the light is always turned on inside. Specifically, let’s keep the light on by maintaining inner trust which leads to peace which leads to joy which leads to love. That is how to stay happy and alive! It is another student-disciple’s lesson to learn from the Master. Light is holier than darkness, even in the winter.