Rise and Shine

Today is the first Sunday after Easter, but in the land with no time from where we showed up on earth again with Jesus Christ,  as new superhuman creations, this is actually that same day! It's feels so good not to always be encumbered by time and the world, even though we get to visit it! To celebrate, today I want to share with you again, my favorite passage from one of my favorite immortals.

Guest Blogger- Saint John Chrysostom

"Christ left us on earth in order that we should become like beacons of light and teachers unto others;

that we might act like leaven,

move among men like angels,

be like men unto children,

and like spiritual men unto animal men, in order to win them over,

and that we may be like seed, and bear abundant fruit.

There would be no need for words, if we bore witness with our deeds,

there would be no pagans, if we were true Christians."


Wow! that was so beautiful! Thanks John!

Hope all my aspiring immortals friends have a wonderful week.