A Million Pregnant Men

In the Kingdom of God, on the new earth, there is neither male nor female which makes a lot of sense since we will have brand new versions of bodies and there is no marriage anyway. A whole new world will be different enough that prudent aspiring immortals may as well begin to live there in our minds and hearts to the extent possible so the transition won’t be shocking.

When young Mary agreed to contain the uncontainable she blazed a path for all aspiring immortals. As the seed of life and light grew within her, Mary appeared to be normal to every publican and common person who happened to brush her in the crowd. And yet this shameful pregnancy gave birth to the first steps of Mary dying to her old self. The clamor of self-righteous gossips was temporarily rewarded when more suffering befell the girl in labor, the manger’s refugee. 

How easy it is to contain the uncontainable Holy Spirit of God in our hearts and to appear normal to the world. How easy it is to have a two-faced soul. Instead of protruding unmarried teenage bellies, we may only dare to dangle gold crosses around our necks before the mighty atheists.

Genderless immortal, are you pregnant today? Does your belly show the world that you said yes to God’s request to enter your body? Did you die to self even a little bit today? I mean your pride, your appetites, and your self-respect in the community for God’s sake?

Will that Holy Seed inside you emerge one day, perhaps when you too are at your lowest point? And will that visible evidence of His cohabitation with you illuminate your world just enough so that others can see the path to the new earth and the narrow gate?

It is easy to know the answers. Look down and all around you to see if delicious fruit has dropped from your branches: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, fidelity, modesty, continence, chastity. My fellow aspiring immortal, lets live there now and here! And like the trailblazer Mary, man and woman alike let those bellies bulge!