2. Thread - Luminocity

I’m so happy! I just found two threads dangling from the sky that I can pull on for instant light! Wonderful! It was exactly like pulling the chain that dangled from the light bulb in my grandfather’s cellar. Why didn’t I find them sooner? Oh yeah, it was too dark to see them until I swallowed the hot Coal that burned off my garbage pile. Dark-Light-Dark-Light. Hahaha. It was so much fun pulling that chain off and on. The big difference now is that when I pulled the yellow thread I hear a voice in my very own heart say, “thank you.” And poof! -- Light. Is that me saying thank-you or someone else? I can’t tell.


My Boss told me that gratitude unites the one who gives with the one who receives. Unity, not materialism, is why giving and receiving are so much fun. Uniting, whether it’s the union of minds in agreement, or united hearts that ignore everything but love or even bodies that unite with hugs can all make light like thankfulness does. But thankfulness is the easiest way to make light.


Gratitude is an uncomplicated way to unite. Uniting with God is the goal for all aspiring immortals, which is why He thanks us. Have you ever noticed how grateful God is when you forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it? Light? Or when you give someone your money or gifts because they need it more than you do. Light? Everyone has more money than God. Sometimes people need money and God has to ask for a favor. The light doesn’t necessarily turn on just when God thanks us, but when we thank Him back at the same time.


When with all of our minds and hearts we are grateful for a gift that we know came directly from His powerful and generous Self, well that collision of gratitude from two givers and two recipients at the same time unites them and turns on a light so bright that darkness doesn’t have a prayer. Not the darkness of disappointment, nor the darkness of poverty, nor the darkness of betrayal. It’s just too bright, light is so much stronger than darkness will ever be.


So, I say whenever you hear yourself crying reach for the thank-you thread and pull. It’s okay to be in the light; don’t worry that all those things in the darkness will miss you. It’s okay to leave them. Maybe someday they will pull the thank you thread  or the other one too. When you do, I’m pretty sure God will be pulling it too. Illuminate your space with holy gratitude.