The Immortal Life- A Preview

Good morning Immortal,

Welcome to my blog on!

It’s time for a reality check. Okay now maybe you just woke up, like I did, and your mind just reset itself to world-time. First you remembered who you are, then where. Then all of the emotions of the night before probably were loaded up too, mmm was I anxious, content, frustrated? Oh yeah! Okay got that back. It’s so important to keep the continuum going from day to day (not).

How about really waking up this morning? Instead of going back to yesterday go back to immortal life consciousness.

Hi God! Listen, before I load up yesterday, do you want to tell me if you have anything you need me to do today? ………….Okay, got it.

  1. Remember I love you and you love me, so whatever others say or do that hurts or angers zero it out, and then smile. Like with mosquito bites, don’t scratch.
  2. Get in prayer mode, open up the lines of communication wide so they can override the busyness.
  3. Spend a few minutes imagining the new world.

That was my list, He may tell you something a little more relevant to what He wants you to know today. Practice listening. But I think every one of us should spend a few minutes every day imagining the new world. This exercise will help put today in perspective.

For my friends out there who want a little jump start on imagining the new world, I’ll set the scene and you go there, okay?

  1. First - since too many people think the land of immortality is on cloud nine or out in the country, don’t go there. Imagine a town with mountains all around. The light is warm but very bright.
  2. Second – pick three people who you want to be there with you and probably made it. They can even be saints you want to know.
  3. Give yourselves a task. We are going to work in the garden today; do you three want to come along?
  4. Chatter chatter chatter, everyone is so full of things to say they forget to take turns.
  5. Feel the peace. No elections, no wars, no money problems, no sickness.

Spend a few minutes there, and now go back and forth a couple of times from here to there to get a good image of the contrast.

Okay, now it’s time to get out of bed. Have a good day! Stay tuned!!!! If today is a fighting day, remember that peace wins peace! God be with you.