The Sinner

There once was a man from Khartoom,

Who lifted his little broom

Which whisked him away

To the isle of Malay

While hearing his brother shout, he was leaving too soon.


When he landed on a bank of the Nile

A dwarf shot him a smile

Then stole his magical broom

And ran into a room

Singing to himself all the while.


The man followed him in

Chasing that sin

Without a thought that was vile

Or fear he would fail

Holy broom’s return, to win.


He followed the song

Through a dark hallway long

To the light of a flame

And the dwarf he would blame

For being so wrong.


The broom flew from the flame

To the man he came

The happiest reunion around

Its man it was glad it found

And together they flew to Maine.


Sinners lose in the happy end.

My aspiring immortal friend

I can do no better than this

If I could I’d be in bliss.

But for now I’ll just have to bend.


Pray for me.