The Itchy Inch

Cars careening

Hilltops higher than houses hosting skiers

Rushing rivers relocating rocks

Intelligent intruders investigating

Seventy seven cents sitting on a dresser

Testifiers telling truths

God on high watching amused

Spits an inch on planet frenzy.

O humble inch, not ambitious, not assuming, still

Not moving

Inglorious inch

Swells not with pride

Nor insults do shrink

Never greedy

Never sick

Cares not for first downs

Nor pants too short or tight

Never twinges at colliding car scratches

Nor delights in peekaboo stunning sun rises

Oh inch, oh standard of measure so humble

How you demonstrate Divine Economia.

Oh models, oh marks, Christ and inch alike

We violate you at our peril.

Oh humble Father’s Son

Perfect reflection of The Good One

Model healer, feeder, teacher

Gold, and hatred-power dissipater

Like the inch eschewing both good and evil

Uncovers the mystical void

Through which the earth was formed

And the teensy weensy gate to heaven is exposed.

Two teachers twirling crystals make rainbows bloom

Silly Willy swings his legs sitting on a star

Isaiah laughs at loony lions licking lambs

Resting Richard raises roses by the river

Hilarious hillbillies hop over hedgehogs

Circles and bubbles draw holy wholes

Itching inch calling for attention cries good night gone

My work is done.