No. 89 - The Pride Buster Mark

89 slaves.jpg

Do you thank a slave for doing what was commanded?

So you also, when you have done all that you were ordered to do, say, "we are worthless slaves; we have done only what we ought to have done."

Luke 17:9, 10

Just once I'd like to be on a stage in front of a huge audience and hear their applause ...for me, maybe for a blog post, or my book. I wonder what such appreciation would feel like. I wonder if it would be as satisfying as I imagine. Mick Jagger knows; maybe I could ask him.

In the perfect world of this narrow road to the land of immortality slaves are content to serve their Master and expect nothing in return, not a Christmas bonus, nor a write-up in The Times, nor even a handshake with a heartfelt 'Thank-you. No hug for a job well done; no report card.

With this Mark, Christ tells us to think of ourselves as worthless slaves, who live to obey our Lord's commands, expecting nothing in return for doing what we ought to do, not even for hitting every Mark every time!

How low can we go?

By calling us worthless slaves this Mark attempts to ratchet down my yearning for glory and yours, for a very good reason. Glory is poisonous for humans. It makes us think that we are God when in reality we are light years away from Him; glory is a kind of deception. Glorified humans play God, like a toddler who wears his father's shoes. Pretending to be God instead of yielding to and uniting with Him is fatal.

To not want or accept praise, in fact to reject accolades of any kind, for all we may do well, or accomplish is to hit the bulls-eye of this Mark. We get bonus points when we calmly and patiently without response receive unfair criticism, harsh demands, or even curses- all those ego-busting darts aimed at our hearts, to purify them.

For only HIS is the best kingdom, the life-giving power and the Glory, all the GLORY forever and ever.

So be it.