No. 59 Uncreating the Universe

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Don’t Bear False Witness. Matthew 19:18, Mark 10:19, Luke 18:20

God doesn’t command us not to lie because He owns the IRS, or because He wants to see us get in trouble, or because He doesn’t want us to sell that house. It is because He is personally offended by Lies, Lying and Liars, or rather false witness makers.

God is the author of Reality. When we lie, we erase a piece of Reality and replace it with a fabricated thing that distorts His purpose and sometimes wreaks havoc.   

There is nothing better than Reality, nothing smarter or truer than Truth.

Aspiring immortals that study and aim daily for the Mark should have nothing to hide or to uncreate.

Sometimes the truth forces us to be brave. When this happens we are being formed by God into the immortals He wants us to become.

Be kind, but be honest to show God that you like Reality as much as He does.

He will hug you for that.