No. 47 No Offense

47 archer.jpg

And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me. Matthew 11:6; Luke 7:23

In the whole big wide world of Christendom there is an abundance of soft little angels who coo and spew warm fuzziness all around. They sing poetry in soprano voices and are beloved. Their poetry creates a fuzzy sense of honey-sweetness, but no one can bite a piece off. Jesus is always sweet and warm but fuzzy. He loves and nothing more. No one is offended.

Meanwhile, the Mark sits high upon the wall of the city and watches. It says, "Repent. The warm fuzzies are not Me. I am a target, not a pillow."

Many years ago a friend of mine was painfully dying of colon cancer. In an attempt to comfort her I sat by her bedside and read the Bible. It was a horrible thing to do. I looked for the warm fuzzies to comfort my suffering friend, but they were nowhere to be found.  Every passage I went to spoke only of God's judgment. I tried the psalms...nope, went over to the Gospels...yikes! Back to Isaiah and other prophets! Double yikes! Where were the warm fuzzies when you needed them? After two or three hour-long sessions of this I wrote my sick friend a letter of apology because I wanted her to know that I really wanted to comfort her, and I was sorry for all the harsh things I was reading. She forgave me, and then she died.

I was reminded of that occasion last Sunday when reading a few of my Mark blogs aloud to another friend. Her son is ill with demon-addictions and I hoped to give her words of strength to share with him. I was looking for the warm fuzzies.  Again, I found critical words instead. This troubled me sorely. I considered looking for a precipice from where to fling my blog because it offended and I do not want to offend; I want to write inspiring warm fuzzies and be liked. But mostly I want to make God glad so He lets me in. Conflicted.

Later that day,  it was time to open my little book, The Mark, of Christ’s commands compiled over twenty years ago to see what the next Mark was so I could start thinking and praying about what to write. Imagine how astounded I was to find Mark 47 about ‘offense’! What a holy coincidence! Thank you, Lord!