No. 25E Lord's Prayer 5

25 E desert.jpg

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Matthew 6:13

Listen to what He tells us to say with astonishment. Would God, our blessed Father, Creator and lover of humankind lead us to destruction? Would He test us with temptation? 

I hear a stadium-full of angels in unison shouting “Yes, He would! He does!” after a pause they continue “Ask Him not to do that.”

Cringing, the Christ recalls His 40 days in the wilderness, when He was tempted by the devil to turn stones into bread; to fling himself from the mountaintop and thus show-off the angels lifting Him to safety. When the devil failed to appeal to His flesh or find any vanity, he thought surely the condescended Son of God could be lured by power and offered the kingdoms of the world.

With fresh memories of His victories, Jesus instructs His disciples to supplicate to God not to lead into temptation, to test, or try men's souls (lest we fail because of our weakness, or ignorance.) 

If God yanks us from the grasp of the devil who would have that all men abandon our Father with distrust; if only God would remove the dangers we face daily, then surely we could survive this earthly life.

It doesn't hurt to ask. Who knows, maybe our Father replies with a resounding, "Yes." every time we ask, and we don't realize it.