No. 25B The Lord's Prayer 2

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Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:9

Have you ever wondered why Jesus told us to say "thy kingdom come"? To me it is the most curious line in this whole little nuclear reactor of a prayer.

Why would God tell us to call forth His Kingdom, either on earth or in heaven? Is it like asking us daily to vote for God as king? Or is it more like replicating creation when God called earth into being with His words?

Who are we to do such a thing as invite His kingdom to earth?

Can a mouse move a mountain?

Can a baby build a bridge?

Can a struggling, aspiring immortal transform this chaotic world?

Jesus knows that the power of our words, when said with sincerity, can move mountains, build bridges, and spin chaos into twine. So say it with confidence. Say it with conviction. Say it as if you are saying, "Earth be!

Thy kingdom come. Here and now. Why wait?

May God be the ruler of me, my family, my community, my country, my planet Earth. May His laws be obeyed, may His taxes be fair, may His education system be successful, may His court system be just, and may His army be victorious. May His people be healthy, wealthy and industrious, every last one of them.

"Thy will be done" is a clear, clean, simple, golden declaration. This phrase is the big long arms of mommy's fur coat; the coat we want to grow into. The literal Greek translation of this line is “the birth of Your wants.”

Not my will, no never when it conflicts with God's wants being born. God's will is the mark. God's will is His Kingdom come. God's will, as incomprehensible as it may be, quirky, unfair, circuitous, molasses slow, harsh, joyful, mysterious, and relieving, as it may seem, whatever it is; His will be done on earth as it always is done where He art in heaven. Trust.