2- Meeting Immortal Noah

Second Post in the Series "God, the Love Story: Autumn - 1"

I could hardly believe my eyes. Standing in front of me on the way to Christmas was Noah, THE Noah. What was he doing here and what did he want to tell me? Then it occurred to me how natural it was that Noah should appear on this barren road to Christmas when the earth awaits the great light of true life.

As I drew close enough for a conversation the excruciating pain in my feet turned to numbness. My heart was racing with the realization that I was about to talk with a patriarch of immortals. He held his hand out to help me climb up on the rock to sit beside him. “Welcome daughter.” Noah greeted me warmly.

“Father Noah why are you here?”

“My child, I could see your distress. I was sent to teach you how to walk on the earth.”

“It’s not me, I can walk fine! It’s these horrible pebbles. I have no choice but to step on them. If I don’t reach Christmas I will die!”

Noah bowed his head. Looking at the rocks at his feet he smiled pensively and then replied, “Your words reflect the brilliant intelligence but gross ignorance of a toddler.  Was I less of an aspiring immortal because I never experienced Christmas?”

“Father Noah, perhaps you forget, there was no rocky road to Christmas in your day. I am obligated to go to Christmas.”

“Ha-ha!” He seemed to be genuinely laughing at me! “When I walked the earth and the sons of God had children by the beautiful daughters of men; mankind thus corrupted the image of God. The pain of walking to Christmas is the pain of corruption and mortality.

Death and evil surround you, as the evil neighbors surrounded me and my family before the flood, and then even as it surrounded us in the Ark. There was no difference at all between the devastating flood and the evil men. Being in the Ark was a type of Baptism for my family, as it was for Jonah in the belly of the whale. Realize that the Spirit of God lies deep within your watery body, protecting you from corruption and mortality that surround you. Go there and find the righteousness that pleases God who does not want you to feel the pain of walking to Christmas. As long as Christmas is a remote place you struggle to reach, you will never get there. That is how you are to walk on the earth, my child.”

And he went on: “There are three things you must do to walk the earth pain-free. Listen to your conscience. Study and obey His commands, and receive your sight. Blind was the man who cried out saying, “Son of David, have mercy upon me.” When he received his sight and saw Jesus Christ, he acknowledged Him no longer as the Son of David but as the Son of God, and worshipped him. You too, my child must beg for spiritual sight to see the road that lies above the pebbles that torture you so. “